We’ve all been there…

Walking into our effortlessly cool friend’s home and wondering how they had the inspiration to find such interesting, personal items and the patience to pull it together so tastefully. Decorating your home is hard, especially when it comes to the little things like wall art, rugs, and accessories. Enter Spoak, the..ahem..bespoke decorating service.

Our Story

Founder Hilah Stahl created Spoak to try and do for the world what she often did for her loved ones: find cool, meaningful pieces from all over the world that reminded her of them. She started by finding little things for her friends’ homes that would pull their furniture and style together, and then their friends asked for help, and then their friends asked for help, and now, here we are.

Our Mission

To empower our customers through self-discovery of their own style, and to provide them with the inspiration and guidance to find the finishing touches that make a house a home. We want to give everyone a space that feels uniquely theirs, without costing a lot of time, energy, or money.