Blue Hallway Ideas

Blue hallway ideas and inspo.

Are you designing a blue hallway and looking for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Spoak has all the interior design inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Browse room designs, inspiration images and decor ideas or take our free room design tool for a spin below!

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Dining Room designed by Yamel Arvelo Disla
Dining RoomDesigned by Yamel Arvelo Disla
Dining Room + Entry Board designed by Whitney Crutcher
Dining Room + Entry BoardDesigned by Whitney Crutcher
Dining Room designed by Kaitlyn Aronis
Dining RoomDesigned by Kaitlyn Aronis
Gallery Wall /LizabethM designed by Home Stylist Palo Alto
Gallery Wall /LizabethMDesigned by Home Stylist Palo Alto
Stairwell V01 designed by Shea Stone
Stairwell V01Designed by Shea Stone
Bridal Party Options - FINAL designed by Amanda Welch
Bridal Party Options - FINALDesigned by Amanda Welch
Bridal Party Options designed by Amanda Welch
Bridal Party OptionsDesigned by Amanda Welch
Untitled designed by Kendall Danforth
UntitledDesigned by Kendall Danforth
color palette designed by eyeswoon interior therapy
color paletteDesigned by eyeswoon interior therapy
Bauhaus designed by Virginia Ibarra
BauhausDesigned by Virginia Ibarra
Hallway designed by KATHERINE ECK
HallwayDesigned by KATHERINE ECK
Stairwell V02 designed by Shea Stone
Stairwell V02Designed by Shea Stone
Untitled designed by Kyle LaValley
UntitledDesigned by Kyle LaValley
Runner 3 designed by Becky Heller
Runner 3Designed by Becky Heller
Entry (Interior) designed by Brandi Sather
Entry (Interior)Designed by Brandi Sather
Hallway designed by Amanda Perry
HallwayDesigned by Amanda Perry
l.finley - hallway designed by Lauren Finley
l.finley - hallwayDesigned by Lauren Finley
Untitled designed by Natalie Zachary
UntitledDesigned by Natalie Zachary
VP  Office 2 - Back Corner designed by Heather Aoun
VP  Office 2 - Back CornerDesigned by Heather Aoun
bonus space (office) designed by Showplace Design
bonus space (office)Designed by Showplace Design
Untitled designed by Maria Palantino
UntitledDesigned by Maria Palantino
Bed + Bathroom designed by Katia Gailas
Bed + BathroomDesigned by Katia Gailas
Hallway designed by Nicole Cech
HallwayDesigned by Nicole Cech
Kristy + Paul Entry designed by Brooke Ewing
Kristy + Paul EntryDesigned by Brooke Ewing

Design tips for decorating a blue style hallway

Here’s how to achieve the blue aesthetic room of your dreams.

How do you decorate with blue?

If you want to make a bold statement with blue, consider painting the whole hallway (ceilings included) in a single shade of blue. No one regrets painting a hallway blue.

Decorating with blue can transform any space into a serene sanctuary or a dynamic cozy cocoon, depending on its shade and application. Lighter shades of blue like sky blue or baby blue can create a sense of openness and freshness and a soothing atmosphere, while darker shades like navy blue or royal blue can add depth, elegance, and sophistication.

Blue pairs beautifully with a range of colors. For a classic, crisp look, combine it with white or cream. For warmth, juxtapose blues against earth tones like sandy beiges or soft browns. For a more dynamic and contemporary color palette, consider coral or mustard (orange is the complementary color opposite blue on the color wheel), which provide a striking contrast and elevate the vibrancy of the space.

Don't shy away from mixing different shades of blue within the same space. Layering light and dark blues can create a sophisticated and dynamic aesthetic. This approach works well in spaces where you want to maintain a monochromatic scheme without it feeling flat or uninteresting.

Blue is often associated with the sea and the sky, making it a perfect choice for creating a coastal or beach-inspired room. Pair blue with white or sandy beige tones or incorporate nautical elements like striped patterns, seashells, or rope accents to enhance the coastal aesthetic.

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