Color Palettes
Blue Living Room Color Palettes

Blue living room color palettes & color schemes.

Welcome to Spoak! We’re an interior design platform for all. Browse through IRL-inspired color palettes below, then pick one you like and get started using it for free.

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Rieger Paellet designed by Holly Heffinger
Designed by Holly Heffinger
Chrismukkah designed by Spoak Member
Designed by Spoak Member
Cabin Cool Palette designed by Spoak
Designed by Spoak
Color Palette designed by Spoak
Designed by Spoak
Muted Coastal designed by Kaitlyn Muise
Designed by Kaitlyn Muise
Pastel rainbow designed by Bethany Ribo
Designed by Bethany Ribo
Parisian Blue Palette designed by Lisa Bowman
Designed by Lisa Bowman
hawaii designed by Lauren Lindquist
Designed by Lauren Lindquist
Valpo Ban~o designed by Rxchel Abrahams
Designed by Rxchel Abrahams
Untitled designed by Spoak Member
Designed by Spoak Member
Inspiration Palette designed by Amy Burrell
Designed by Amy Burrell
Palette 1 designed by Spoak Member
Designed by Spoak Member
Apt Color Palatte designed by Ria Spizzirri
Designed by Ria Spizzirri
Color Pal designed by Channing Nichols
Designed by Channing Nichols
Color Pallets designed by Ashley Genard
Designed by Ashley Genard
Palette 1 designed by Holly Perry
Designed by Holly Perry
Untitled designed by Showplace Design
Designed by Showplace Design
Coastal designed by Kourtney Smith
Designed by Kourtney Smith
Untitled designed by Spoak Member
Designed by Spoak Member
Color Palatte designed by Emma Hanson
Designed by Emma Hanson
Moody designed by Melissa Conger
Designed by Melissa Conger
Natural Palette designed by Heidi Clevinger
Designed by Heidi Clevinger
living room designed by Desi Nacheva
Designed by Desi Nacheva
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