Putting together a home that feels like “you” can be really hard.

We are here to make it fun, easy, and affordable.


First, we pair you with one of our Thingologists.

They’re like your very cool, stylish friend who also happens to be killer at decorating.



They’ll help you figure out what you do and don’t like and discover your unique style.



Like where to put the couch, which couch to even buy, and how to hang your gallery wall.



What should I get rid of? Can you find me a Mother’s Day gift? Why are my plants dying?


Then, you get a personalized artisan e-shop for each room in your home.

All handpicked by your Thingologist, our cool-curators-in-residence, with tips on how to work it all in with your furniture.

See a few examples below:


Hilah’s Bedroom

City: San Diego

Hobbies & Interests:

Loves the beach & desert

Plays the guitar

Big yoga, travel, and outdoor enthusiast

Her Style:

Laid back, airy, clean



Jordan’s Living Room

City: Minneapolis

Hobbies & Interests:

Loves wine and food

Often hosts dinner parties

Hamptons, Minnesota, and San Francisco are meaningful to her

Her Style:

Warm, modern, inviting


And all during your lunch break.

Having a beautiful home that feels like you should be a fun process. Let us do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! Satisfaction guaranteed and cancellable at any time.

See what our customers have to say…

LEGIT LIFE CHANGING! LOVED getting my Book and seeing the beautiful pieces that were picked out! I was like a kid during Hanukkah lol
— Kelsey, New York
It really feels like my partner and I came together and are creating a space that feels meaningful. Spoak gave our home character.
— Sydney, Berlin
It was like a more seasoned/mature version of myself sent this from the future.
— Conor, Los Angeles
I really loved the experience. Spoak really transformed how we felt about our apartment!
— Emily, Minneapolis
I loved the items that were found for me. I really thought that my designer understood my space and what I was asking for. It gave me back hours and hours of looking and hunting and searching and still not finding what I was looking for.
— Callie, New York

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