Farmhouse Outdoor Ideas

Farmhouse outdoor ideas and inspo.

Are you designing a farmhouse outdoor and looking for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Spoak has all the interior design inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Browse room designs, inspiration images and decor ideas or take our free room design tool for a spin below!

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Garden Party designed by Lindsey LaPrime
Garden PartyDesigned by Lindsey LaPrime
Untitled designed by Maria Palantino
UntitledDesigned by Maria Palantino
Outdoor Final Copy designed by Johan Bulahan
Outdoor Final CopyDesigned by Johan Bulahan
Exterior with Color Pallet designed by Fraceska Schofield
Exterior with Color PalletDesigned by Fraceska Schofield
Untitled designed by Lisa Slusher
UntitledDesigned by Lisa Slusher
Exterior / Landscape designed by Hilah Stahl
Exterior / LandscapeDesigned by Hilah Stahl
Untitled designed by Riley Lindley
UntitledDesigned by Riley Lindley
Redwood House Exterior Vibes designed by Brittany Cole
Redwood House Exterior VibesDesigned by Brittany Cole
Ext Materials designed by Addy Squires
Ext MaterialsDesigned by Addy Squires
Outdoor Mood Board designed by Terri Speck
Outdoor Mood BoardDesigned by Terri Speck
Other Mood Board (copy 4) designed by kenzie mac
Other Mood Board (copy 4)Designed by kenzie mac
Other Mood Board (copy 5) designed by kenzie mac
Other Mood Board (copy 5)Designed by kenzie mac
Other Mood Board (copy 2) designed by kenzie mac
Other Mood Board (copy 2)Designed by kenzie mac
deck1 designed by sallie tyler
deck1Designed by sallie tyler
Outdoor Mood Board designed by Rachel Callaghan
Outdoor Mood BoardDesigned by Rachel Callaghan
Untitled (copy 9) designed by Mark Snider
Untitled (copy 9)Designed by Mark Snider
Outdoor Mood Board designed by sarah spagnola
Outdoor Mood BoardDesigned by sarah spagnola
Exterior Back Yard Mood Board designed by Lauren Harrigan
Exterior Back Yard Mood BoardDesigned by Lauren Harrigan
Other Mood Board designed by Nicole Kachar
Other Mood BoardDesigned by Nicole Kachar
Other Mood Board designed by Nicole Kachar
Other Mood BoardDesigned by Nicole Kachar
Front Exterior designed by Rachel Tanz
Front ExteriorDesigned by Rachel Tanz
Outdoor designed by Cecily Ojeda
OutdoorDesigned by Cecily Ojeda
Landscape Inspo designed by Diana Farberov
Landscape InspoDesigned by Diana Farberov

Design tips for decorating a farmhouse style outdoor

Here’s how to achieve the farmhouse aesthetic room of your dreams.

What’s the best way to design and decorate a farmhouse outdoor?

Outdoor spaces offer a unique opportunity to blend the comfort of indoor living with the beauty of nature. Whether you're designing a cozy patio, a vibrant garden, or a functional outdoor kitchen, the design of your outdoor space is key to creating an environment where relaxation and entertainment can flourish side by side (and mother nature can shine!).

Here's how to approach your outdoor makeover for a seamless transition from indoors to out:

  • Zoning: Define distinct areas for different activities, such as dining, lounging, and gardening. Consider the flow between these zones to encourage easy movement and interaction.
  • Furniture Selection: Choose pieces that not only complement your aesthetic but are also durable and suited for outdoor conditions. Consider the scale of the furniture in relation to the space to avoid overcrowding or underutilization.
  • Natural Elements: Integrate your layout with the existing landscape. Use the contours of your garden, the direction of sunlight, and natural wind patterns to inform the placement of furniture and features.
  • Privacy and Comfort: Incorporate elements that enhance privacy and comfort, such as strategic plantings, pergolas, or screens. These can also add texture and color to your outdoor space.
  • Lighting: Plan for a mix of functional and ambient lighting to extend the usability of your outdoor space into the evening. Solar-powered lights, lanterns, and LED strips can illuminate paths and highlight key features without overwhelming the natural night-time setting.

By carefully considering these elements, you can create an outdoor design that not only extends your living space but also enhances your connection to the outdoors, making every moment spent outside a rejuvenating experience​​. If you need an extra hand in your design process, check out our step-by-step guide on How To Design a Room.

What materials and home decor should I use to achieve a farmhouse outdoor design?

These days, it feels like farmhouse interior design is everywhere—from our Instagram feeds to our TV screens (thanks, Joanna Gaines). Farmhouse design blends rustic charm with modern comfort and conjures a warm, welcoming feel, reminiscent of a country home (even if you don’t live in the country). To achieve a farmhouse aesthetic in your outdoor, focus on creating a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere.

Farmhouse design typically features exposed wooden beams, wide-plank floors, and a palette of warm neutrals complemented by soft, pastel accents. While farmhouse style tends to embrace a more neutral color scheme, the addition of prints and patterns can infuse warmth, texture, and personality into the space. Commonly, plaid, gingham, stripes, and even floral wallpapers find their way into farmhouse interiors, offering a charming contrast to the subdued tones.

Common decor elements include barn doors, shiplap paneling, apron-front sinks, and vintage accessories (think: mason jars, woven baskets, wood cutting boards, or ceramic mixing bowls). Comfortable, overstuffed furniture with durable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, invites relaxation, while galvanized metal and distressed or reclaimed wood adds to the rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

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