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Spoak signs

Your Spoak Sign is a fun (and beautiful) result of blending your personality and your home. Just how it should be. Take our personality quiz below to find out your sign ✨
Which of these images best illustrates your dream home?
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What are your favorite colors
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How do you feel about prints
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What kind of art do you like?

Try not to focus on the exact items in the images, but rather on their general vibe and style. Choose as many as you’d like.

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Describe how you want your home to feel.
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It’s a Saturday. Where can we find you?

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How would your best friend describe you to someone they know?

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How do you feel about things?

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Pyxis 🧭
Sharp traditionalist
Phoenix 🌞
Warm trendsetter
Vela ☁️
Cali cool
Pegasus 💥
Colorful punch
Norma 🌲
Grounded & loving
Lynx 👁
Funky adventurer
Orion 🌿
Detailed minimalist
Lyra 📀
Cultured hobbyist
Hydra 🐍
Modern glamour
Work & play

Features made for a design lover 💖

Search and discover new and unique things

Our Thingology discovery feed combines the inspiration of Pinterest with the searchability of Google. Filter, save and share across our catalog of products, inspiration, color palettes, and original room designs. Your quiz results also give you access to a style-based discovery feed of goodies curated to your unique style. 

Source products from anywhere

The world (literally) is your oyster. Easily add products to a project from anywhere on the World Wide Web via our Chrome extension or auto import tool (copy + paste!). Source goodies for your living room, dining room, or any room that captures your imagination – all from the comfort of your browser.

Create cohesive color palettes

Our Color Pal tool lets you generate custom color palettes from scratch, or let us auto-generate one for you based off an image (like magic!). You can also browse all the palettes fellow members have made and save your favorites. Whether you’re looking for pops of color or maximalist neons, there’s a palette for everyone here.

Remove image backgrounds with one click

Not all images are ready to be used as design elements. Want to use that boho lamp from an inspo image, but in your own home instead of theirs? Or drop in a snapped photo of that Victorian family heirloom already in your hands? Magically remove backgrounds with just one click. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Install assets with a single click

Spoak’s Magic Install tool lets you skip the math and get straight into designing with real-life perspective. Need an area rug to run at an angle? Just drag it onto your floor, click magic install, and presto! It’s ready to go. Clean lines, every time.

Try on paint colors, wallpaper, tile, and texture

See your new home makeover in multiple color schemes and different styles all with a quick search in our discovery feed for new decor, textiles, tiles, wallpaper, or paint colors. Bring your dream home to life on your laptop before committing the time or money to make it happen.

Draw the perfect floor plan, every time

Whether you’re an HGTV-level pro or this is your first time, you can quickly create floor plans for any and every dimension you can think of by using our click-and-drag system. After that, use our ruler tool to mark spaces internally between your furniture, appliances, walking paths between sofas, and more. No experience needed.


Add flair to your floor plans and elevations by importing real product images from anywhere on the World Wide Web – not just our preset assets and shapes. Want to give your floor-plan mid-century modern elegance, or transform it into a modern farmhouse aesthetic? Find user-uploaded assets in just a few clicks.

Meet your new BFFs

Join our community forum to share works in progress or get advice on how to tackle a specific DIY or design dilemma. There’s no design style that our community doesn’t love, from old world eclectic to bread-and-butter traditional interior design. Whatever your design preferences, you’re sure to find a friend here. 💖

Our mission is to make interior design easier and more enjoyable for everyone. 
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