Basement Layouts

Basement layouts and floor plan ideas.

Planning to update your basement and looking for layout inspo? Then you’ve come to the right place. We make creating floor plans fun, fast, and easy. Take our free basement layout tool for a spin below!

Basement Layout designed by Kate Bliss
Basement LayoutDesigned by Kate Bliss
Basement Plan designed by katie terbush
Basement PlanDesigned by katie terbush
Basement Floor Plan designed by Blackbird House
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Blackbird House
Basement Floor Plan designed by Kelly Frank
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Kelly Frank
Basement Plan designed by Kevin Testa
Basement PlanDesigned by Kevin Testa
Basement Plan designed by Angela Kurze
Basement PlanDesigned by Angela Kurze
Basement Plan designed by Rebecca Elliott
Basement PlanDesigned by Rebecca Elliott
Basement Layout designed by Devon Rudy
Basement LayoutDesigned by Devon Rudy
Basement Plan designed by Stacia Fridley
Basement PlanDesigned by Stacia Fridley
Basement Floor Plan designed by Blackbird House
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Blackbird House
Basement Plan designed by Reyanna YAGOLNIKOV
Basement PlanDesigned by Reyanna YAGOLNIKOV
Basement Floor Plan designed by Melissa Zilke
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Melissa Zilke
Basement Plan designed by frieda sitt
Basement PlanDesigned by frieda sitt
Basement Layout designed by Team Seawah
Basement LayoutDesigned by Team Seawah
Basement Plan designed by Emmaline Hamilton
Basement PlanDesigned by Emmaline Hamilton
Basement Floor Plan designed by Krista Kolley
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Krista Kolley
Basement Floor Plan designed by Anna Kaplan
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Anna Kaplan
Basement Floor Plan designed by Renee Santalo
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Renee Santalo
Basement Floor Plan designed by Rachel St Amour
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Rachel St Amour
Basement Floor Plan designed by Molly Garber
Basement Floor PlanDesigned by Molly Garber
Basement Layout designed by Kathryn Cerqua
Basement LayoutDesigned by Kathryn Cerqua
Basement Plan designed by Stacey Henrie
Basement PlanDesigned by Stacey Henrie
Basement Layout designed by Boo White
Basement LayoutDesigned by Boo White
Basement Plan designed by Shauna-Kaye Green
Basement PlanDesigned by Shauna-Kaye Green

Layout tips for a functional and designer approved basement.

The basement, often overlooked, holds immense potential to enhance your living space. With the right layout, this subterranean level can become a multifunctional area that accommodates storage, leisure, and work or hobby pursuits. From a cozy home theater to a spacious workshop, the possibilities are endless.

Here's how to plan your basement layout for maximum utility and enjoyment:

  • Space for Pursuits: Define areas for your interests, whether it's a workshop for DIY projects, a studio for arts and crafts, or a home gym. Consider the spatial requirements of your hobbies and how the basement can accommodate them.
  • Storage Solutions: Basements are ideal for storage, but organization is key. Incorporate shelving units, closets, and cabinets to store seasonal items, tools, and equipment. Ensure that your storage solutions are moisture-resistant to protect your belongings.
  • Entertainment Area: If space allows, designate an area for entertainment, such as a home theater, game room, or lounge. Comfortable seating, proper lighting, and acoustic considerations will make this space a favorite spot for family and friends.
  • Utility and Maintenance: Reserve a section for utility purposes, such as laundry, HVAC systems, and water heaters. Ensure easy access for maintenance without compromising the aesthetic and functional aspects of your basement.

By carefully planning each section of your basement, you can create a space that not only enhances your home's value but also your quality of life​​. If you need an extra hand in your design process, check out our step-by-step guide on How To Design a Room.

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