Office Layouts

Office layouts and floor plan ideas.

Planning to update your office and looking for layout inspo? Then you’ve come to the right place. We make creating floor plans fun, fast, and easy. Take our free office layout tool for a spin below!

Office Plan designed by Deandra Cadet
Office PlanDesigned by Deandra Cadet
Office Floor Plan designed by Nayeskie Rodriguez
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Nayeskie Rodriguez
Office Floor Plan designed by Caitlyn Hill
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Caitlyn Hill
Office Layout designed by Polina Melamed
Office LayoutDesigned by Polina Melamed
Office Layout designed by Abbey Sucher
Office LayoutDesigned by Abbey Sucher
Office Plan designed by Amanda Squiassi
Office PlanDesigned by Amanda Squiassi
Office Floor Plan designed by Becca Sedlak
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Becca Sedlak
Office Plan designed by Beth Dioli
Office PlanDesigned by Beth Dioli
Office Floor Plan designed by Heather Lee
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Heather Lee
Office Floor Plan designed by Alexandra De Souza
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Alexandra De Souza
Office Plan designed by Taylor Ricketts
Office PlanDesigned by Taylor Ricketts
Office Floor Plan designed by Zerina Gredelj
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Zerina Gredelj
Office Plan designed by Kasey Moore
Office PlanDesigned by Kasey Moore
Office Floor Plan designed by Caitlyn Hill
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Caitlyn Hill
Office Layout designed by sarah cerda
Office LayoutDesigned by sarah cerda
Office Layout designed by Taylor Carraway
Office LayoutDesigned by Taylor Carraway
Office Plan designed by Heather Eichenberger
Office PlanDesigned by Heather Eichenberger
Office Plan designed by Elevated by Elise LLC
Office PlanDesigned by Elevated by Elise LLC
Office Layout designed by sarah spagnola
Office LayoutDesigned by sarah spagnola
Office Layout designed by Melissa Goldberg
Office LayoutDesigned by Melissa Goldberg
Office Floor Plan designed by Dalene Barrett
Office Floor PlanDesigned by Dalene Barrett
Office Layout designed by Katie Carpenter
Office LayoutDesigned by Katie Carpenter
Office Plan designed by Jessica Ashley
Office PlanDesigned by Jessica Ashley
Office Plan designed by Bunny Banowsky
Office PlanDesigned by Bunny Banowsky

Layout tips for a functional and designer approved office.

The arrangement of your workspace can be as crucial to your productivity as your morning cup of coffee. Whether you're carving out a corner in an open-concept living room or creating a dedicated office space, these are our tips to help you create a space that works (pun intended) for you.

These are some of the most common office furniture pieces that you’ll need to account for on your floor plan with tips on the best ways to arrange them in your space:

  1. Desk & Chair: The cornerstone of any office, your desk provides a designated workspace for your computer, monitor, books, and other essentials. It often serves as the focal point of an office or study, so place it where it best suits your workflow, ideally near natural light to boost mood and productivity.
  2. Bookshelves or Storage: Every office needs storage. Standard bookshelf depth is 12”.
  3. Seating: Extra seating options, like an accent armchair, or sofa can add a cozy touch and provide a spot for guests or a change of scenery for you. Position these to encourage conversation without disrupting your work zone.
  4. Area Rug: An area rug adds warmth and can define a workspace within a larger room. Place it under your desk and chair to anchor the space, ensuring it's large enough to allow for easy chair movement.

Remember, the best office layout is one that reflects your personal work style and needs. Experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect balance of functionality and comfort. If you need an extra hand, check out our step-by-step guide on How To Design a Room.

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