Nursery Layouts

Nursery layouts and floor plan ideas.

Planning to update your nursery and looking for layout inspo? Then you’ve come to the right place. We make creating floor plans fun, fast, and easy. Take our free nursery layout tool for a spin below!

Nursery Layout designed by Jessica Jacobs
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Jessica Jacobs
Nursery Layout designed by Chloe Barbu
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Chloe Barbu
Nursery Plan designed by Kendall Beveridge
Nursery PlanDesigned by Kendall Beveridge
Nursery Floor Plan designed by Karleigh Miller
Nursery Floor PlanDesigned by Karleigh Miller
Nursery Layout designed by Kasey Moore
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Kasey Moore
Nursery Plan designed by Joanna Nelson
Nursery PlanDesigned by Joanna Nelson
Nursery Layout designed by Adam Saxton
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Adam Saxton
Nursery Floor Plan designed by Kelly Semerene
Nursery Floor PlanDesigned by Kelly Semerene
Nursery Layout designed by Kelton Wright
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Kelton Wright
Nursery Layout designed by Bela Fig
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Bela Fig
Nursery Floor Plan designed by Hannah Brown
Nursery Floor PlanDesigned by Hannah Brown
Nursery Plan designed by Lais Yanosky
Nursery PlanDesigned by Lais Yanosky
Nursery Plan designed by Elizabeth Sullivan
Nursery PlanDesigned by Elizabeth Sullivan
Nursery Plan designed by Sionna Kelly
Nursery PlanDesigned by Sionna Kelly
Nursery Plan designed by Charlie He
Nursery PlanDesigned by Charlie He
Nursery Layout designed by Elevated by Elise LLC
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Elevated by Elise LLC
Nursery Layout designed by Madeline Rice
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Madeline Rice
Nursery Floor Plan designed by Madison Willard
Nursery Floor PlanDesigned by Madison Willard
Nursery Plan designed by Madison Willard
Nursery PlanDesigned by Madison Willard
Nursery Plan designed by Sara Rowland
Nursery PlanDesigned by Sara Rowland
Nursery Plan designed by Chelsy Christina
Nursery PlanDesigned by Chelsy Christina
Nursery Layout designed by Victoria Cacicedo
Nursery LayoutDesigned by Victoria Cacicedo
Nursery Plan designed by Grayson Lackey
Nursery PlanDesigned by Grayson Lackey
Nursery Floor Plan designed by Jessica Arford
Nursery Floor PlanDesigned by Jessica Arford

Layout tips for a functional and designer approved nursery.

Nurserys play a monumental role in nurturing the growth and development of your little one. If you’re expecting a new addition to your home, chances are you are already dreaming up the design, color, and style of your nursery. But what sometimes gets overlooked is the nursery layout.

Designing an optimal nursery layout requires thoughtful consideration. Unlike other rooms in the house, nurseries have their own set of unique considerations beyond mere aesthetics. Safety, accessibility, and sensory stimulation all play crucial roles in crafting a space that fosters growth and exploration for your baby.

These are some of the most common nursery items that you’ll need to account for on your floor plan with tips on the best ways to arrange them in your space:

  1. Crib: The crib is the centerpiece of every nursery, providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space for the baby. It is where the little one will spend most of their time resting and sleeping. A crib often comes with a mattress and can be adorned with cute bedding and a mobile to engage the baby's senses. Many cribs these days are convertible to grow as your baby does. Make sure to account for this in your layout. We recommend creating multiple layouts — from the crib stage, to the toddler bed stage, all the way up to a twin or full bed stage of your child’s life — to ensure the rest of your furniture pieces will all fit at each life stage.
  2. Changing Table: A changing table is a practical addition to a nursery. It provides a dedicated space for diaper changes and storage for diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials. You can find dedicated changing tables or can turn any sideboard or dresser into one with a proper changing table topper.
  3. Rocking Chair or Glider: A rocking chair or glider is a lovely addition to a nursery, offering a cozy spot for feeding, soothing, and bonding with your baby. It provides a comfortable seat for parents or caregivers during those precious moments. If you have the space, we recommend pairing your rocking chair or glider with a footstool or ottoman for maximum comfort.
  4. Dresser: A dresser is often included in a nursery to provide storage for baby clothes, blankets, and toys. It helps keep the nursery organized and ensures that everything is easily accessible when needed. Your changing table may double as a dresser, but trust us, you’ll be thankful for the extra storage if you have the floor place.
  5. Storage Shelves or Bookcase: Storage shelves or a bookcase can be used to display books, toys, and decorative items in the nursery. They add a touch of charm and provide a place to keep items within reach.
  6. Area Rug or Playmat: Soon enough, your baby will be crawling around. Make sure you choose an area rug or playmat that takes up the majority of your square footage and will be comfortable for both you and your baby to spend countless hours playing on.

Remember, these are just the basics and recommendations. The specific furniture arrangement will vary based on personal preferences and the size or shape of the nursery. Get creative and have fun with your layouts! If you need an extra hand, check out our step-by-step guide on How To Design a Room.

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