Heather is a full-stack engineer at Spoak. Prior to Spoak, Heather built ML platform tools and new user experiences at Twitter. After taking time off to explore pottery, interior design, and architectural sketching, she is excited to be merging her passions and technical skills in the world of digital interior design tools 😌.

On her days off, you can find her making functional trinkets at the pottery studio, keeping tabs on seasonal menus at local (and global) restaurants 🍅, rearranging her furniture for the umpteenth time, or e-biking around the city 🚲. She's a fiend for floor seating, linen sheets, sky lights, and fluffy rugs.


Software Engineer
Working remotely from:
San Francisco, CA
spoak sign:
Lynx 👁
Funky adventurer
Toxic Trait:
Can't make it past 2 episodes of a tv show without falling asleep 💤