Scholarship program

If you or someone you love wants to become a Spoak member but doesn’t have the means, you can apply for a scholarship.

As part of our mission to create a welcoming place for design lovers of all levels, we don’t want to leave anyone behind. If you or a loved one want to be a Spoak member but don’t currently have the means, please fill out the below application for a scholarship.

If you're just getting started in design, or just have one project you'd like to create in Spoak, please apply for our Individuals Scholarship. This includes 6 months of PLAY* and requires that you be a user tester for Spoak (trying out new features and giving feedback to our team!) We award one PLAY scholarship a month.

If you're a professional who would like to use Spoak to visualize your designs for clients, please apply for the Professionals Scholarship. This includes 1 year of PRO* and requires that you join our Brand Ambassadors Program and document your Pro Journey. We award one PRO scholarship a quarter.

You can fill out the scholarship application for yourself or nominate a loved one.

*Read more about what our PLAY/PRO plans include here.

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