Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a professional designer to join?

Not at all! We welcome interior design lovers of all levels.

How much does membership cost?

We have multiple membership tiers. They start as low as $9.99/month. You can learn about the our tiers and features here.

How do brand discounts work? What does it mean that annual and premium tier gets automatic access?

One of the many benefits of Spoak membership is getting automatic access to 50+ exclusive discounts at our partner brands. Many of these discounts are recurring, some are one-time use. For the Premium tier, these discounts are automatically included in the monthly membership fee. Members in the Play, Plus, and Pro tiers need to be on an annual billing plan in order to get access. The good news is, we add new discounts all the time and your potential savings could cover the cost of your Spoak membership and then some!

Who owns the content and designs I create?

You do! You can read more in our Master Subscription Agreement, but everything you create with Spoak is 100% yours.

Who determines the price of my services? Does Spoak control that?

You have complete control over all your pricing. Even in Spoak’s Job Fair! You submit your own proposals and can set your payment terms, fees, and rates. Spoak does not get involved at all (besides offering the tooling to help you manage invoices and payments, of course!).

What do each of the project types mean (design for yourself vs. others)?

Individual: the project is not shareable, and there are no client feedback features.

Clients: the project is shareable, your client can give you feedback, and you’re able to customize the branding on the project.

Does Spoak work on all devices? Do you have an iOS or Android app?

Spoak works on all web browsers across desktop, tablet, and mobile. The only exception is Viz, our rendering tool, which only works on tablet and desktop currently, but will be offered in a mobile version with the launch of our iOS app later this year!

How did you create BeSpoak School?

We worked together with two professional interior designers: Lisa Galano, who has both an undergraduate and masters degree in Interior Design (from GWU and Sotheby’s Institute of Art), her own firm, and has spent 10+ years in the industry; and Tiffany Thompson, who is self-educated, broke into the industry with no formal degrees or certifications, and now successfully owns and operates Duett Interiors, as well as being the host of “Remix My Space” on Discovery+. The curriculum was designed based on our members’ feedback and career goals.

What's your cancelation/refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time in your account menu. If you cancel within your first 7 days, your free trial will end and you won’t be charged. We recommend cancelling at least one day before the trial’s end in order to avoid a charge. If you cancel after your first 7 days, your membership will stay active until the end of your billing cycle. Please note that we do not offer refunds outside of the trial period.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel by logging in here and clicking “Cancel Membership” in the account menu.

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