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Berlin: A Design Lover's Guide to the (Not So) Grey City

Berlin is a city with a rich political history that is reflected in its infrastructure, architecture, and overall vibe. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, an explosion of art, music, and culture emerged during the reunification of East and West creating the Berlin that so many people love today. A Berlin where anything goes, the 24-hour nightlife is the norm, and an alternative, anarchist, creative spirit fills every street corner. Fun fact: Berlin is also the city Hilah lived in when she dreamed up the idea of Spoak.

Essentially, Berlin is a place that contains multitudes. It’s a place that is continually growing and evolving, and new places are always opening up. It’s up to you to choose your own adventure when you visit — but here are a few recommendations to start you off.

Last updated
August 15, 2023
What Do You Fancy Love?
Voo Store
The Good Store
Neue Nationalgalerie
NENI & Monkey Bar
Museum of Architectural Drawing
Michelberger Hotel
Markthalle Neun
Koenig Gallery
Katz Orange
KW Institute of Contemporary Art
Helmut Newton Foundation
Hallesches Haus
Do You Read Me?
Bruno Taut‘s Home
Boxhagener Platz
Botanischer Garten
Bearpit Karaoke
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
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The rooms are quirky, the restaurant attached is super popular (check it out even if you don’t stay here!), and the lounge/lobby area is a great place to mingle, grab a drink, and hear some laid-back DJing.

Not for pets
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If you’re looking for a bit more of a grown-up place to stay, try Orania. It’s a luxury boutique hotel in Kreuzberg with a popular restaurant (one person I know called it “the best meal she’d had in continental Europe”) and live music.

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Have you ever wanted to cross off “stay in an architecture museum” from your list? Well, now you can! Designed by Bruno Taut, this rentable museum gives you a glimpse into true 1920s design history.

Not for pets
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Eat & Drink

Located in an old brick brewery, this spot is great for an intimate dinner setting with amazing food and natural wine. Pro-Tip: Ask to see their board game selection for an extra fun night.

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A market hall originally built in 1891 (!) that’s been in continuous operation for over a decade. This is perfect for first-time visitors to Berlin who want to get a feel for the local food scene.

spoak team favorite

A small plates restaurant and wine bar, and my go-to for a date night. Be sure to reserve in advance — the place is small, and reservations fill up quickly!

spoak team favorite

The pastries and bread are some of the best in the city and super emblematic of a certain type of fermented sourdough bread you’ll find throughout Berlin — but be forewarned, they only have drip coffee. No espresso drinks in sight.

spoak team favorite

Ora has an undeniable charm. Located in a former pharmacy, the restaurant maintained many of the original characteristics of the building, including walls full of pharmacy cabinets and antique lighting fixtures. Worth stopping in for a drink at the cocktail bar just to see the interior.

spoak team favorite

The coziest atmosphere (seriously) and very delicious wine... or should we say, wein!

spoak team favorite

Do & See

Let the dancing continue! This spot is great for a chiller night in a smaller environment.

spoak team favorite

You can’t go to Berlin without going out dancing. For a proper Berlin experience, check out Watergate, which tends to be more tourist-friendly

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As if this museum wasn't already cool enough, let me tell you that it's located in a former dining club! Plus, free entry on select Sundays.

Hour or two
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The Good Store focuses on high-end secondhand clothing. It's highly curated and one of our favorite vintage shops in Berlin for finding brands like Acne Studios, Dries van Noten, Supreme, and more.

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If we could have a uniform to wear forever, we'd choose it from NEUZWEI. And when you check out their inventory, you'll see why.

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Walking in here feels like entering a museum. They embrace the industrial interior design choices you’ll find throughout Berlin. The prices are high, but the merch is stunning.

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Great place to head after grabbing a pastry at SOFI. Full of indie magazines and coffee-table books (dream!).

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One of the Spoakier places in Berlin, you can shop and eat at Hallesches Haus. The General Store has a curated selection of home goods that make for perfect gifts or souvenirs. You decide!

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On Sundays, most stores in Berlin are closed, but Berlin is FULL of great flea markets that operate on Sundays. This market has great vintage clothes, furniture, home goods, vinyl, books, and other odds and ends.

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