You have a strong sense of style and you’re unafraid to be bold, both in your home decor and in your closet. You hear “I could never pull that off!” often about various parts of your life, but to you, style is just an expression of your personality. You love to put things together in unexpected ways and you have the eye to pull it off (most of the time 🙃). You’re an adventurous spirit, and you love to explore, whether it’s the great outdoors, art, travel, or finding the best undiscovered places and brands. Sometimes your desire for independence can lead you in the wrong direction (don’t be different just for difference’s sake), and your keen eye can sometimes fail you (though we won’t make you relive that regrettable outfit choice…).  👁

Your Spoak Sign Spirit Pieces

A little teaser of our favorite Spoaky products for your sign.