After holding senior engineering positions at Gilt Groupe and Hudson Bay, John joined forces with Hilah to bring the Spoak vision to life. He is the architect behind Spoak engineering, data, security, and R&D.

John's happy place is basking in the great outdoors (the hotter the better 🌅), enjoying a pint of Guinness or a rye old fashioned in an old dark pub, or getting lost in a library surrounded by books (anything but biographies, please!). He loves a brain teaser —scrabble, crosswords, and jigsaws 🧩 to name a few—and can't resist rearranging a badly loaded dishwasher (even in a stranger's house 🙄). When John is not puzzled (sic), John enjoys a bit of DIY, watching sport or anything by the Coen Brothers, Pixar or Wes Anderson.


CTO, Co-Founder
Working remotely from:
Dublin, Ireland
spoak sign:
Lyra 📀
Cultured hobbyist
Toxic Trait:
Doesn’t like Meryl Streep (??)