Zoe is on the front lines of Spoak customer experience and support channels, providing help and guidance to ensure that all customer inquiries and issues are handled promptly and effectively. 👊 Zoe loves working with members to solve problems and discover new and unique Spoak design use cases. She has a passion for helping the Spoak community succeed and is committed to delivering outstanding service.

When not Spoaking, you can find Zoe outside gardening, singing a cappella, devouring home decor magazines, watching HGTV, or crocheting — she even has her own Etsy shop selling crocheted checkered hats. 🏁👒


Customer Experience Associate
Working remotely from:
Indianapolis, Indiana
spoak sign:
Norma 🌲
Grounded & loving
Toxic Trait:
Won't give us a headshot (so we had AI generate one for her) 🤖