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Craft room ideas

Say hello to your new craft space… designed by you.

We’re Spoak, and we make it easy and fun to DIY interior design. Grab your pegboards and prepare the guest room for its ultimate transformation into your craft room.

Step 1

Gather all of your inspiration and craft room organization ideas in Spoak.

Step 2

Create to-scale floor plans of your future workspace.

Step 3

Shop and budget for your decor (and maybe a few more craft supplies).

Step 4

Let your inner crafter out and build your new creative space.

Step 5

Bask in how much you love it and start crafting!🎨

living room mockupfloor plan designbathroom mockup

Get a taste of the Spoak magic ✨

Get a sense for the types of rooms you can create with our Viz tool. When you sign up, you’ll get the full experience and nearly infinite customizations.

Craft rooms dreamed up inside Spoak. 🖼️

Some of the features you're going to love about Spoak

Create cohesive color palettes

Our Color Pal tool lets you generate custom color palettes from scratch, or let us auto-generate one for you based off an image (like magic!). Want to create a palette around your polka-dot new storage solutions? No problem. Just upload your image and watch the palette happen.

Search and discover new and unique things

Our Thingology discovery feed combines the inspiration of Pinterest with the searchability of Google. Filter, save and share across our catalog of products, inspiration, color palettes, and original room designs. The only thing we might not have yet is the Cricut – that’s where you come in. ;)

Source products from anywhere

The world (literally) is your oyster. Easily add products to a project from anywhere on the World Wide Web via our Chrome extension or auto import tool (copy + paste!). Love the newest IKEA drop but can’t find it in Spoak yet? Add it with a few clicks. Find a totally unique table from Amazon? Another few clicks will do it.


Our (free!) online interior design curriculum spans from decorating and design skills to a whole design dictionary full of insider lingo. BeSpoak School tips are also built-in with Spoak tools so you never forget the perfect sofa-to-table ratio as you design. Easy access to free design tutorials right inside the app… now that’s convenient.


No formal business docs are required to get access to 50+ brand discounts with our partner brands. Save an average of $2,000 per project. Who can resist that good of a deal? Certainly not us. Get ready to wow your loved ones at your next craft room tour!

Draw the perfect floor plan, every time

Quickly create adjustable floor plans for any and every dimension you can think of by using our click-and-drag system, then use our ruler tool to mark spaces internally between your furniture, appliances, walking paths, and more. No hack needed to create to-scale, functional floor plans. 


Add flare to your floor plans and elevations by importing real product images from anywhere on the World Wide Web – not just our preset assets and shapes. Your favorite home decor is never more than a click away.

Customize your planS WITH EASE

If it can be clicked, it can be customized. Whether you’re designing a laundry room, dining room, craft room, or a hybrid of the three, visualizing your space inside our floor plan tools is a breeze. Create flooring transitions with a custom shape, fill in tiled and hard surfaces, then add wallpaper – all in just a few clicks.

Meet your new BFFs

Get inspiration, ideas, and feedback from our interior design-obsessed community. Give and get kudos on your designs and product finds. Join our community forum to share works in progress or get advice on how to tackle a specific DIY or design dilemma.

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Our mission is to make interior design easier and more enjoyable for everyone. 
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