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Floor plan drawing app

A floor plan tool for all.

Welcome to Spoak, a user-friendly interior design app. Whether you’re a pro or a total beginner to interior design, we make it fun and fast to create your dream spaces.

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Get a taste of the Spoak magic ✨

Get a sense for the types of rooms you can create with our Viz tool. When you sign up, you’ll get the full experience and nearly infinite customizations.

Spoak’s floor plan app in action 👀

Some of Spoak's best floor plan features

Search and discover new and unique things

Our Thingology discovery feed combines the inspiration of Pinterest with the searchability of Google. Filter, save and share across our catalog of products, inspiration, color palettes, and original room designs. 


Add flare to your floor plans and elevations by importing real product images from anywhere on the World Wide Web (not just our preset assets and shapes).

Create beautiful elevations in minutes

Draw to-scale elevations with Spoak’s drag-and-drop style builder, add your favorite assets, then fill with any finish you want. All in just a few minutes. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 🍋

Draw the perfect floor plan, every time

Drawing floor plans isn’t just easy in Spoak, it’s satisfying. Quickly create floor plans for any and every dimension you can think of by using our click-and-drag system, then use our ruler tool to mark spaces internally between your furniture, appliances, walking paths, and more.

Customize your planS WITH EASE

If it can be clicked, it can be customized. Visualize your floor plans and elevations in a variety of finishes and materials with our plan fill tools. Create flooring transitions with a custom shape, fill in tiled and hard surfaces, then add wallpaper – all in just a few clicks. 


What’s easier than a single place to store all of your design ideas and favorite home decor products? A drag-and-drop style room visualizer with the functionality to collab with the people who matter most. Add collaborators to your account at no extra cost and design together in real time to create your dream home.

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Does Spoak have an app?

Spoak is a web-based app, which means you can use it from any operating system and don’t need to install anything from the app store or play store. 

Does Spoak work on tablets?

Yes! Spoak works well on tablets, and because we’re a web-based app, you can use any brand of tablet. Grab your favorite iPad or Android tablet and enjoy designing your dream spaces from your couch.

Does Spoak work on mobile devices?

That depends on what you want to do! Our design tools (such as room visualizer and floor plan creator) are not mobile-friendly. Everything else, including our project management tools and shopping tools, will work beautifully on mobile. 

What system specifications do you need to use Spoak?

As a web-based application, you need a computer that can run a web browser. Apple/Mac, Windows, Chrome, Linux – it doesn’t matter, as long as you can get to Spoak’s homepage from your web browser. 

What languages does Spoak support?

At present, Spoak only supports English.

Does Spoak offer 3D models or 3D rendering?

No. :) Spoak is a 2D interior design tool. 3D tools like Autocad are amazing – but for most people trying to create a floor plan design, they’re also overkill. Pay only for what you need with Spoak. 

Are there any tutorials or walkthroughs for Spoak?

Yes! You can try a guided tutorial on this room visualizer page here, or check out our Help Hub for more tutorials. In addition to tutorials, we also have an ever-growing library of templates to help you get started.

What kind of formats can you export from Spoak?

You can export high quality PNGs or JPGs from Spoak. At present, you cannot export SVGs or PDFs. Depending on your subscription plan, you may need to complete additional in-app purchases to download without Spoak’s discreet watermark. 

Can I make a free floor plan with Spoak?

At present, exporting floor plans is only possible with a paying subscription plan with Spoak. For more information about the paid version of Spoak, check out our pricing page.

Can contractors use Spoak?

Anyone who loves interior design can use Spoak, whether that’s professional interior designers, passionate homeowners, real estate professionals with an eye for design, or none of the above. That said, our contractor friends may prefer tools more suited for their workflows. Ultimately, Spoak is an interior design app by a bunch of interior designers, and it always will be. 

How does Spoak stack up against the competition?

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Price $ $ $ - $$$ $$ $$$ $
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Product Clipper
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2D Floor Plans
3D Floor Plans
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Our mission is to make interior design easier and more enjoyable for everyone. 
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