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16 Gifts for Design & Home Lovers from the Hudson Valley

Spoak is proud to be a Hudson Valley-based company. This holiday season, we’ve rounded up 16 unique gift ideas from our favorite businesses in the Hudson Valley area. Give the gift of local curated goods to someone you love!

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Every year, I try to make a concerted effort to shop small, especially around the holidays. Fall is usually when I start getting excited about shifting into my gifting mindset, and knowing I’ll be buying something unique or handmade for my friends and family makes it so much more enjoyable.

Small businesses are what make the world go round! Metaphorically speaking, that is (although it feels pretty darn true to me as a fellow design lover). They create gifts that are handmade and special, not just another carbon copy of everything else you see in stores. They know your style and what you do or don’t love because you stop into their store every time you need to update your wardrobe or re-up on your favorite candle. Small businesses do a little happy dance every time you place an order at their shop.

Yes, shopping small can cost more money (not always), but that’s because of the thoughtful love and care behind each package. So in honor of championing small businesses this holiday season, we’re rounding up some of our favorite gifts from our neighbors in the Hudson Valley. These gifts would be great for anyone in your life who appreciates design or likes nice things. I encourage you to browse through each of these businesses' websites below and see what else you find. You don’t need to find something expensive for it to be a worthwhile gift.

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1. Sweet & Savory Jam by Bartlett House, $39

Local jam is the kind of gift your friend or family member never knew they needed until now. This trio from Bartlett House is delicious. Pair it with toasted sourdough bread for an elevated toast and jam experience.

2. Rainbow Checks Jotter by the Social Type, $18

It’s hard to pick favorites at the Social Type because every paper good they sell is that good. This cheerful checkerboard notebook would be perfect for the person in your life who can’t get enough to-do lists or someone who loves writing their morning pages.

3. Dried Flower Crackers by Hither Lane, $14

These artisanal crackers are gorgeous, and I’m sure any host would love to use them in their next cheese board. Don’t sleep on the rest of the goods sold at Hither Lane either.

4. Simmering Spice by 2Note Hudson, $20

I’m new to the simmering spice world, but now that I’m aware that this is a thing, I’m upset I didn’t know about it sooner! This spice blend will have a house smelling like the holidays in no time.

5. Cabin in the Woods Tile by Clove & Creek, $37

This cabin-themed tile is absolutely charming. It would look great hung on a wall, leaning against a bookshelf, or simply placed on a coffee table.

6. Wool Felt Sardine Ornament Set by Batterby House, $30

We all have that friend who is obsessed with tinned fish, and after seeing this felt ornament set, I might be a convert. How adorable!

7. Blackcurrant Liqueur by C. Cassis, $32

Made with Hudson Valley blackcurrants, this liqueur is light and flavorful and works chilled or as a spritz. Take my word for it: It’s very tasty. If you’re local to the area, stop by their new tasting room in Rhinebeck. It’s a design lover’s dream!

8. Habanero Sheba Cardigan Sweater by Nikki Chasin, $422

Grandma chic? Everyday cool girl? This cardigan embodies all of the above. This sweater was machine-knit and finished by hand by real people in Peru. Everything at Nikki Chasin is ethically made with long-lasting materials, hence the price tag. This is an investment piece that will last a long time, making it the perfect gift for that special someone you really love.

9. Marble Clay Cups by Hort & Pott, $70

These Japanese modern clay cups would be so nice to add to an existing ceramics collection. They have a slight marble swirl to them, which makes them both interesting and soothing to the eyes.

10. Mini Botanist Bouquet by the Quiet Botanist, $24

The loveliest gesture for a friend in the form of a mini bouquet. Dried florals don’t get enough love, in my opinion. They look just as great over time. 

11. MONA Natural Clog by Nina Z, $180

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Nina Z clogs. These have become a staple to my wardrobe, no matter which season. I’d gift these with a pair of colorful socks for the ultimate clog-girl aesthetic.

12. Cheese Storage Paper by Bimi’s Cheese Shop, $12

Put this at the top of my “random but useful” gift ideas. I always wondered if there was a correct way to store cheese, and now I know the answer. Do your giftee even better and buy them some cheese from Bimi’s to store this with.

13. Marvilla Large Oval Bowl by MINNA, $60

Am I dramatic for saying this bowl is perfect? Well, it is. Handmade in Mexico, this bowl comes in lilac or cobalt blue. The combination of the two together is even better.

14. 5 Year Anniversary Mug by Berte, $72

Berte just celebrated their five-year birthday in Beacon! To celebrate the milestone, they partnered up with Cecilia East/West on this beautiful mug. It’s both subtle and colorful at the same time, making it an easy match for any design style.

15. Gift Card by Brunette, $30

If you’re looking to find a gift for someone who lives in the Hudson Valley and loves natural wine, a visit to Brunette is just the answer. Their interiors are just as good as their wine, which is worth noting is very good.

16. Black Tote by Loup, $60

Forget about the Little Black Dress, we’re making room for the Little Black Tote. Everyone needs one. A catch-all to hold their belongings while they’re on the go. This one from Loup is a favorite.

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November 28, 2023



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