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What Is My Interior Design Style?

Whether you prefer a natural setting or something more modern in appearance, there are multiple ways to choose an interior design style that suits your lifestyle and personal tastes. This article will cover seven popular interior design styles and how they might work for you.

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Everyone has their own style that shapes the way they live, and interior design is no exception. The items you surround yourself with affect how you feel, how you work, and even how much time you spend in your home. Your interior design style can help define the ambiance of your abode and set the tone for everything that happens there.

Your interior design style isn't just about a few pieces of furniture or wall colors; it's an overarching outlook on life and home that shows through every aspect of your space. From what activities are encouraged to how you plan to furnish your new home as you grow older, your style reflects who you are as an individual.

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Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional interior design style is sometimes synonymous with classical interior design style. This style includes dark walls, large furniture, and elegant lighting, and it tends to give a room a sense of grandeur and old-world elegance. Traditional interior design style can rely heavily on architectural room elements like moulding and built-ins that are either truly original to a home or brought in for a traditional feel. The appeal of these designs is in the coziness created by such strong visual cues. A potential downside to traditional interior design styles is that they can look dated in or clash in areas where you're trying to modernize your space or create an inviting atmosphere for guests.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

The Scandinavian interior design style is characterized by its clean, natural elegance. It's a style that's easy to live with and is often associated with modern interior design. It uses raw materials such as wood, leather, and stone for decoration. A minimalist aesthetic gives it a clean look, which is why it's popular in Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Norway. With this style, you can introduce elements of nature into your home without going overboard with greenery or flowers. And since it's not too busy, you can keep the color palette simple and neutral. This makes it an ideal interior design style for anyone who wants their space to feel calming and relaxing.

scandinavian design style
(Left) Scandinavian bedroom, Behance. (Right) French country living room, Scout & Nimble.

French Country Interior Design Style

The French Country interior design style is one of the most popular styles today. French Country interiors typically incorporate warm colors like browns, beiges, and yellows that complement dark-stained finishes and natural fabrics. This style is also associated with many personal decorative items like family photos, antique furniture, and knickknacks. In addition, French Country interiors are often based on country life, and the colors closely resemble those found in nature. To embrace this style, you can use branches as wall art and even as a centerpiece in a table centerpiece or other decor pieces.

Boho Interior Design Style

The boho interior design style was born out of dreamers and rebels who created a sense of freedom in their lives through the use of natural materials. This style is often associated with organic patterns and textures reminiscent of an untamed wilderness. Typically, this style is found in nature-based settings like cafes or public spaces where people can spend time outdoors. This design type has a bit more rustic appeal to it that appeals to those who want to get away from the urban jungle. The simple yet stylish look makes it a great choice for those who are tired of traditional designs but still want some depth and uniqueness.

Natural or Earthy Interior Design Style

Similar to the boho interior design style, earthy interior design is often characterized by a feeling of simplicity and coziness. However, this style is also influenced by nature, so the colors tend to be light and warm. In addition, there's a focus on natural materials like wood and stone used in many furnishings and accessories. Natural tones are also typically incorporated into accent colors, particularly greens that bring out the feel of life.

natural or earthy design style
(Left) Boho bedroom, Jungalow. (Right) Asian-inspired bar, Home Designing.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

The mid-century modern interior design style is a term used to describe a range of modern architectural designs that emerged in the middle of the 20th century. Mid-century modern furniture is typically constructed with simple lines and a clean aesthetic. In addition, these furniture designs often feature a natural, organic look with minimal ornamentation and stylized forms. Plastic is one of the most common materials for midcentury furniture; it mimics raw materials such as wood or metal while being much more affordable.

Asian-Inspired Interior Design Style

The Asian-inspired interior design style is unique because it features a mix of geometric shapes, minimalism, and natural textures. This aesthetic is characterized by large vases, low furniture pieces that can be used as decorative elements, and lots of light wood. The overall feel of this style is tranquil, giving the feeling that you're on a mountain retreat. As with many design styles, this one has its pros and cons. One thing to remember when considering an Asian-inspired interior design style is that natural materials like bamboo are hard to maintain and require regular maintenance. With that said, this aesthetic is very calming and creates a tranquil environment for those who crave that type of setting.

Interior design can be daunting for someone who is just getting into it or needs help figuring out where to begin—but defining your interior design style is important regardless of where you are in your personal design journey. It's essential that you know what you like and don't like so you can begin shopping for furniture, accessories, art, and accents that will work with your style. Once you understand the look and feel of your style, it makes it easier to maintain and create ambiance at home.

If you still need help finding your design style, take our free interior design style quiz.

Date Posted
October 30, 2022



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