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How A Designer Turned This Bland Bedroom Into a Blissful Retreat

When Lindsey Smida's long-time friend came calling for design help, she knew she was the right person for the job. Through thoughtful design choices and TLC, Lindsey brought her friend's bedroom from bland to blissful in just a few weeks.

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Designer Name: Lindsey Smida

Instagram Handle: @deltabydesign 

Project Name: Bedroom Retreat 

Type of Project: Residential 

Project Location: Manchester, CT 

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Let’s get acquainted! Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’m Lindsey, owner and creator of Delta by Design. I began my journey helping friends and family identify design solutions to help their homes function more efficiently. Over the years, my passion for interior design has grown from a casual hobby into a career pursuit. I have always admired people who dedicate themselves to hobbies and foster their interests. I am always impressed by those creatives who can articulate their perspective with physical art. Through my interest and passion for design, I've found an avenue to express my creativity in a different capacity. Instead of producing something physical like a painting or a sculpture, I kept thinking, “How can I curate the art that I love in a way that is true to my creative perspective? How can I generate the same feeling someone gets from seeing a beautiful piece of art in a space?”

Who was this project for?

This project was for a lifelong friend of mine. We’ve known each other since we were children. She had watched me over the years as I quietly pursued this passion and always encouraged me to take risks, think outside the box, and put my name out into the design space. Her bedroom was previously an assortment of furniture and gifts she had acquired over the years. She desired a space designed with a purpose to which she could retreat and clear her mind at the end of a long day. She provided me with so much support and encouragement over the years that I wanted nothing more than to design a room that she would be proud to call her own! 

Describe the goal, design process, and budget for this project.

My goal for this project was to create a light, bright space that was relaxing and cohesive. To achieve this, I had to look at the room's orientation and arrange the furniture in a way that gave the space a functional flow. Additionally, by using light fabrics for the window treatments and bedding and adding a large area rug, I could soften the space and establish a sense of warmth in the room. The room mockup, floor plan, sourcing, ordering, and room installation took three weeks to complete with a budget of $1,100. While no project can be perfect, this felt about as close as possible. By taking the exact dimensions of the room and furniture, I could input all that information into Spoak's interior design software and produce a digital rendering and floor plan that accurately displayed my vision. By doing the groundwork, I was guaranteed a seamless room install and a very happy client.

Can you describe the "before" photo of the space?

Before, this bedroom felt heavy and narrow, a room without intention. The space was meant to serve one purpose (sleeping), but with a little planning, I began to see how much potential this room had.

after bedroom
The "after" photo: There is so much more life in the space and warmth to the space.

What do you love about the "after" photo?

I love that the room feels intentional, bright, relaxing, and, most of all, livable. I wanted to design a room with cohesive, beautiful elements but was also a functional space my friend could easily live in and maintain.

Are there any resources from your project that you want to share?

One element of this room that I am often asked about is the stunning vintage-inspired area rug by Loloi. This rug pulls the room together; it features a gorgeous design and a spectrum of cool, calming colors that are easily incorporated into the rest of the room.  I have used this rug and other rugs from the Loloi Skye Collection in previous designs and found them stylish and affordable!

color palette
The color palette for Lindsey's project, created in Spoak.

How did Spoak’s software help you bring your design vision to life?

The best part about Spoak's design software is the ability to pull products from any store's website and input them directly into the design concept. This feature helps me create an accurate visual representation for my client. It has also been instrumental in helping them build confidence in what they are purchasing.

What was your favorite part about working on this project?

The opportunity to help my friend feel confident in her living space! I wanted this room to reflect the beautiful person she is and enhance her time using the space in every possible way. Having known this client from childhood, I understood that while growing up, having a stylish living space was not the highest priority. After this room installation, she expressed that she could never have imagined such a beautiful space to call her own, and having the room designed specifically for her was an incredible experience. Having the opportunity to utilize my skills and passion for helping her create a space that she loves was the part of the project that meant the most to me. 

Do you have any final words of encouragement or advice for people tackling a design project?

Design spaces that allow for growth. Every room or home you design is a new beginning for yourself or your client. Allow space for your art to inspire others and project your client into a new, promising new phase of their life.    

What’s next on your design project radar?

There’s always a new project on the horizon, but my main focus is to continue growing my business. Design is a true passion of mine, and I feel so fortunate whenever I have the opportunity to share my passion with others. I hope that by continuing to explore, grow, sharpen, and share my interest and love for design, I may inspire others to lean into whatever hobbies and interests they may have. When you focus and put time into your passions and interests, you’d be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself, and how many doors and opportunities become available to you through the pursuit of learning and doing what you love.   

Photo Details: (Left) Before photos of the bedroom

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Date Posted
January 26, 2023



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