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The 10 Best Loveseats With Sleepers

Keep your small space streamlined with one of these ten loveseat sleeper sofas that can provide a good night’s sleep and a cozy place to lounge.

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Sleeper sofas and futons have come a long way since the 1930s. The truth is, it’s actually possible to get a great night’s sleep on a bed that doubles as your couch. And it’s possible for them to look good (luckily for us)!

Let’s look at what sleeper loveseats have to offer and review ten styles that may be right for you.

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Why Would You Want a Loveseat Sleeper Sofa?

When space is an issue, homeowners usually choose the largest sofa they can fit in their living room without obstructing the easy flow of traffic. Small rooms often require a loveseat, and if that same space needs to double as a bedroom, rely on the trusty loveseat sleeper sofa. Note: It helps if you really love (get it?) the person you’re sharing this sofa with since it’s a cozy squeeze.

Pharaohs Used Sleeper Sofas

With modular, fold-away beds making their first appearance in Egyptian tombs and daybeds popping up in Ancient Greece, the sleeper sofa has a long and storied past. You may remember the less-than-comfortable styles of the mid-century: In the 1930s. Bernard Castro invented the iconic hideaway sleeper bed in the 1930s, which is still a popular design today (albeit with better-quality mattresses).

Sleeper Sofas Allow a Separation of Living Spaces

Creating the proper division of living areas to create the focus or rest that your mind and body need is a challenge for smaller space homeowners. However, you don’t have to live in a studio to appreciate furniture that multitasks by saving space and keeping your home ready for any occasion. 

You may have a home office that doubles as a guest bedroom and find the space unmanageable as it is. The beauty of a sleeper loveseat is that when you're not sleeping on it, it is out of sight, leaving your office to act as an efficient workspace.

Consider Your Lifestyle and Space

One last consideration you’ll need to make before loveseat shopping is the layout of your space and the ease with which you’ll need your loveseat to convert to a bed. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this bed need to sleep one or two?
  • Will this primarily be a couch that sometimes becomes a bed, or does it need to be a comfortable bed for regular use?
  • Is your room large enough to accommodate a full to queen-size sleeper, or should you focus on a slimline futon style?
  • Will you be physically comfortable pulling a heavier mattress out of a hidden bed, or would a reclining futon be easier to manage?
  • If the bed function isn’t as comfortable as it could be, is there a way to make it softer, like with a memory foam mattress topper?

Discover the Perfect Style of Sleeper Loveseat for You

Since the tomb daybed and the sleeper sofa of your grandparent’s 1970s couch (can you still feel that awful metal bar across your back?), furniture innovators have been designing loads of new ways to get both a good night’s sleep and a good lounger for entertaining out of the same small space. 

Drop images of these styles into a mock-up of your space on Spoak to see which one complements your decor and which ones won’t work before you make a purchase. We’ll show you loveseat options that double as sleepers and can save space without compromising on style.

1. The Classic Folding Futon Sofa Bed

The futon couch most of us think of when we hear the term “futon” is a folding, solid wood frame with a futon mattress laid over it to cover the seat and back, extending down the back of the couch. Unbracing the back of the couch frame and unfolding it allows the mattress to spread out across the frame and create a full or queen size bed. 

Don’t dismiss this version of the loveseat sleeper because of a bad past experience with a poor quality variety aimed at teenagers and frat houses. Some of the best sleep can be had on a high-quality frame with (and this is most important) a high-quality futon mattress that is truly firm in the Asian style. 

2. The Reclining Loveseat Bed

The reclining loveseat is perfect for a small apartment. While it makes a comfortable perch for two by day, when it’s time to get some sleep, the backrest folds down to make a twin-size bed. 

Those upright armrests (that make a charming transitional couch silhouette) stay upright, which makes the handy side pockets a solid place for phone, tablet, or remote control storage

3. The Timeless Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

Ah, we’ve finally arrived at the traditional hidden sofa bed that folds out of your loveseat, revealing a metal bed in the center. Modern versions of this loveseat sleeper include higher quality, thicker mattresses (some with a memory foam mattress) to ensure that your dreams are sweet and painless. 

In the morning, your bed folds up and tucks back into your upholstered couch. Speaking of upholstery, the fabric finishes on these come in every type imaginable — it doesn’t have to be the avocado green upholstery of times past (though that sounds incredibly current).

4. The Pull-Out Sleeper Sofa

When we say pull-out sleeper sofa bed, we mean a sofa with a handle at the bottom of the seat that can be pulled to reveal an accordion-style folded bed. The base of the convertible sofa bed should be very sturdy. Your sofa backrest remains upright, with the length of the pull-out sofa bed extending from it. 

Couch beds may require a bit more space, unfolding into a full or queen-size bed, but the plush comfort of the bed is well worth making room for it. 

5. The Traditional Daybed

The traditional daybed doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of these other designs, but it is a classic for a reason: there are no moving parts. It’s a simple and sturdy twin sleeper. Of course, if you really want more sleeping room, you can always purchase a daybed with a trundle beneath it to sleep two. 

Take this style up a notch by sourcing an intricately carved wood antique. Try creating an interesting juxtaposition between design styles with a Kantha quilt covering it and tucked in at the sides to reveal the sleigh-style carved wood base. Gorgeous!

6. The Fold-Down Daybed

This sofa couch is much like the pull-out loveseat sleeper; only when this version is pulled out, the backrest folds down, becoming part of the bed. Many of these sofa couches are low-profile, like mid-century furniture. Make yours a dark graymicrofiber with tufting to complement your retro furnishings from that era. 

7. The Adjustable Split Back Futon

This futon loveseat has a distinctive channel tufted backrest that has the look of a classic car seat, including split-back adjustable backrests. Besides giving each person sitting on the couch the option to adjust their backrest at different angles, your split-back convertible futon can lean all the way back to make a twin to a full-size mattress. 

These futon loveseats can be sourced in tufted velvet upholstery, microfiber, or faux leather to blend seamlessly with any interior design style.

8. The Fold Down Armrest Futon

Futon-style loveseats with high, square arms have a distinctive mid-century look. These clean lines don’t just apply to the high arms and tapered wood legs of the futon as a couch; it also applies to the streamlined way they become a bed. The arms easily fold down to make this indulgently deep sofa into a roomy twin or full-size bed, depending on the depth of the seat. 

9. The Sectional Pull-Out Loveseat Sleeper

Want a little extra room out of your loveseat sleeper? Source a loveseat with a sectional attachment that runs alongside your sofa when it’s pulled out. 

This is a sleeper sectional that could fit two — perfect when friends are staying over. The extra width given by the sectional makes your bed even larger.

10. The Convertible Loveseat Bed With Ottomans 

This convertible sleeper loveseat has a fun design that’s sort of like working a puzzle when it is time for bed. Solve the puzzle by flipping the entire upholstered foam back and armrest piece forward to lie in front of the seat. The two ottomans that come with this sleeper can then be fitted into the space formed by the cut-out shape of the back of the couch beside the bottom. 

While this queen-size sleeper may not be the best style for daily use, you can’t deny the functionality of a two-seater sofa that comfortably sleeps two. 

Find the Right Convertible Loveseat for Your Space

Which couch sleeper style is right for your home decor? Are you beginning to envision the multifunctional loveseat that has the best accessibility for your home? Let Spoak’s design suite help you assess your space with an intuitive layout tool.



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Join Spoak today to visualize what your future loveseat can look like your home.

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February 14, 2024



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