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11 Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you are remodeling your bath space or designing on your own from the ground up, there's no need to sacrifice style!

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Top things to know about small bathroom design ideas:

  • Bringing the eye up by hanging your shower curtains can make your space feel larger.
  • Always consider your storage solutions and use wall space to your advantage.
  • Designing with a light color palette can make your space feel more open.
  • Leaning into a bold and moody color palette can create personality in a small bathroom.
  • Lighting goes a long way in switching up the look and feel of a bathroom design.
  • Incorporate cohesive finish elements to allow the eye to rest in a small space.

Making the most of a small bathroom design is all about careful planning. While working with minimal square footage can be challenging, a small bathroom or powder room can become one of the most impactful spaces in your home with the right tools and tips.

Whether you are remodeling your bath space or designing on your own from the ground up, the good news is that you don't need to sacrifice style! Small spaces can provide the perfect excuse to go bold with upgraded finishes or unexpected tonal and textural elements. From statement light fixtures to intentional space planning, there are countless ways to design a small bathroom space that feels elevated and functional.

If you're looking for ideas for designing a small bathroom, you've come to the right place! Read on for some tips and inspiration.

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1. Draw the eye up to make your space feel bigger.

Hanging your curtains higher than your windows is a common trick to make your ceilings feel taller, and it works when applied to shower curtains, too! If you want to make a small bathroom feel larger, draw the eye up by hanging your shower curtain just a few inches away from the ceiling!

boho green
A bathroom designed by Spoak member Lauren Demeter.

2. Get creative with your storage solutions.

One of the most challenging parts of designing a small bathroom (or any small space) is finding streamlined storage solutions that look and function well. There are plenty of options for bathroom organization that don't take up a lot of space. Consider open shelving to show off your favorite self-care essentials, a mirrored medicine cabinet to get the most out of your wall space, or a small bathroom cart or storage piece that can act as a secondary surface!

3. Design with a light color palette for an expansive feel.

Light and bright hues make a small area feel bigger because they bounce off natural light and create the illusion of open space. Consider using a light or minimal color palette to widen the flow when designing a small bathroom.

A light and bright bathroom designed by Alex Marie.

4. Alternatively, lean into the small space and go bold and moody with your color palette.

If you want to add more personality to a small bathroom, minimal square footage can provide a great opportunity to make a statement. Incorporate elements that might be overwhelming in larger areas like the living room or the bedroom, like bold patterns and color. If you don't have natural light in your space, consider leaning into the cozy and moody feeling and darkening the palette.

5. Use impactful lighting in your bathroom.

You want to make the most out of every finish selection in a small bathroom. Lighting is a great way to elevate any space, especially in a bathroom where good lighting is vital for both form and function. Replacing your outdated overhead boob light or swapping out builder-grade sconces can go a long way.

6. Always accessorize intentionally.

No detail is too little in a small bathroom space! Accessorizing intentionally with functional and pretty things that don't take up extra space is a great way to take things up a notch. For example, pretty soap, hand towels, and bath mats can all hold a lot of visual weight.

7. Bring your space to life with greenery.

Adding real or faux greenery can bring life to any space, especially a more utilitarian area like a bathroom. Add a potted plant, a vase filled with florals, or a hanging plant to add some greenery and bring vibrance and energy to your small space.

light and bright bathroom space
A bathroom filled with greenery designed by Spoak member Tommi Cullen.

8. Incorporate cohesive finishes.

With too much going on in a small space, it's easy for the eye to get distracted. While a statement in a bathroom can be a great way to keep things interesting, incorporating cohesive finishes throughout can allow the eye to rest for some give and take. Try matching metals, sticking with a continued tile, or working within a tighter palette to keep a small bathroom space feeling thoughtful.

modern small bathroom ideas
A stunning bathroom designed by Spoak member Megan Gibbons.

9. Play with large-scale patterns.

Small bathrooms or powder rooms can be the perfect place to incorporate large-scale patterns and make a statement. Pattern-heavy wallpapers, shower curtains, or bath mats can all go a long way in adding some personality and character.

patternbathroom design
A bold pattern try-on in a Viz by member Sarah Kaiser.

10. Bring in vertical lines where possible.

Vertical lines are a great way to draw the eye up and can be a tool when designing small spaces. You can play with vertical lines in the bathroom in many ways—from how you lay your tile to vertical wall treatments or even vertically striped patterns!

11. Utilize a layout tool to visualize your plans.

Regardless of how you decide to design your small bathroom space, spending time in the planning phase will ultimately lend a better result. Whether you're just getting started on gathering ideas and inspiration for your project or deciding on the final touches to bring it all to life, check out Spoak's layout and room planner tools to visualize your space from start to finish.

Photo Credit: (Left) House & Garden

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Date Posted
August 16, 2023



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