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What Your Color Palette Says About You

We combined the idea of a zodiac sign with a style quiz to develop Spoak Signs: a blend of how your personality and interior design style come together. Once you take the quiz linked below, get inspired by the color palettes we associate with each sign for your own home decor.

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There’s power in color. Colors can help to tell a story about a living space, help you notice the amazing things around you, and make you feel as if an item was created just for you.

But how can you figure out which colors you should use more often in your work? We’re going to break down your Spoak power color palette (created with Spoak’s palette generator, Color Pal) based on your unique Spoak sign! Not sure what your Spoak sign is? It’s basically an astrological sign for your personality and home design style. Click here first to take the Spoak Sign quiz, and then come back to learn more about what colors you need to start infusing into your life.

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You’re notoriously open-minded and grounded. You’re keen to learn about people, the world, and new ways of doing things. You prefer your home to be a cozy, inviting place to unwind and you’re a sucker for a lazy Saturday when you can find the time to have one.

This palette of relaxing neutrals is the perfect mix of inviting earth-toned colors that will help you to design relaxing spaces professionally, while you kick off your shoes and enjoy some peace and quiet when you’re solo, Caelum.

caelum spoak sign
Spoak Sign Caelum inspired color palette.


Classically stylish, you are the type of person who seemingly always has it together. You have a booming career, a pristine apartment, and a healthy social life, and you do it all with grace. You love everything modern and glamorous, just like your closet, and nothing is out of place.

This color palette features posh colors that have the perfect mix of style with lively green tones and a pop of white to create sophisticated spaces that stand out in a crowd and show off your impeccable taste, Hydra.

hydra spoak sign
Spoak Sign Hydra themed color palette.


You have a strong sense of style and you’re unafraid to be bold, both in your home decor and in your closet. Style is just an expression of your personality. You’re an adventurous spirit, and you love to explore, whether it’s the great outdoors, art, travel, or finding the best, undiscovered places and brands.

This bold and adventurous color palette will really help others to see what you’re made of, Lynx. It showcases everything that is fun and upbeat about the spring season and inspires people to want to take risks and explore the world around them.

lynx spoak sign
Spoak Sign Lynx themed color palette.


You bring personality, fine taste, and your favorite hobbies into your home. We can usually find you enjoying your favorite cultural pursuit, be it an indie movie, your favorite band’s show, your quirky hobby, or gallery hopping around your city.

This palette is the epitome of your fine taste, Lyra. It is the perfect mix of light and dark colors and shows a more relaxing and sophisticated version of spring. Use these colors in your designs to draw people into your home so that they can enjoy your hobbies with you.

lyra spoak sign
Spoak Sign Lyra themed color palette.


You’re down-to-earth and focus your time and energy on the people in your life that matter the most. Your home is a representation of your best qualities: inviting, comfortable, and deeply family-oriented.

This energetic but warm palette is the perfect gateway to unlocking your spring-designing dreams, Norma. It is inviting, gives us warm and fuzzy vibes, and its contrast of deep colors showcases your deep love for your loved ones.

norma spoak sign
Spoak Sign Norma themed color palette.


You’re a “less is more” type of person who can’t resist a good deal. You are the go-to person when it comes to knowing what book to read next, what recipe to try, or which bottle of wine pairs best with your meal. You’re about “quality over quantity” and work hard to keep clutter out of your life.

This color palette says that “you mean business,” Orion. It has bright and bold colors that show your confidence and deep colors that show your more serious side. Its array of colors is clean and will repel any clutter on unnecessary items when you choose to use them in your designs.

orion spoak sign
Spoak Sign Orion themed color palette.


You are color personified! You are bold, warm, and love creating color combinations and designs that keep your fans on their toes. Although you are funky and fun-loving, don’t mistake that for carelessness. Your designs are carefully curated and sometimes a bit grandiose and overdone (but we still love them).

This colorful spring palette is yours to own, Pegasus! Its fun look will help you create exciting and friendly designs this season that will be magical, just like you. Don’t be afraid to be over the top and dazzle your audience with your love of everything big, bright, and beautiful.

pegasus spoak sign
Spoak Sign Pegasus themed color palette.


You are everyone’s favorite person to be around. You manage to be the life of the party while still being a good listener. You love trends, and your easy-going zest for life brings lightness and joy everywhere you go. Your designs exude that same joy, often with warm colors and crowd-pleasing pieces.

This palette shows your true excitement for life, Phoenix. Its warm and joyful vibes will easily translate into stylish crowd pleasing designs. The mix of neutrals with the pop of a deep brown showcases your connection with others and the world around you.

phoenix spoak sign
Spoak Sign Phoenix themed color palette.


You have a refined taste that goes along with a refined palette. You are not afraid to take charge and are often seen as a leader in your professional and personal life. You appreciate the finer things, like a great glass of wine or a nice hotel. Your home manages to strike the balance of beautiful and comfortable because your busy life needs a bit of comfort.

This lively gorgeous earthy color palette will showcase your refined palette through the use of posh decor and fresh greenery this spring. It’s striking to the eye but gives off feelings of comfort and cleanliness. Don’t be afraid to bring elements of mother nature into your well-styled designs.  

pyxis spoak sign
Spoak Sign Pyxis themed color palette.


You are easy-going, down-to-earth, and amazing to be around. You don’t get stressed easily and people view you as rational. You’re an outdoors lover whose home is carefully and impeccably decorated while giving off a very airy, coastal vibe. You’re picky, but when you find something you love you don’t hold back.

This coastal spring palette brings the beauty of the coast right into your designs. It is down-to-earth and carefully curated just like you, Vela. It brings in the best elements of nature and allows you to be the free spirit that you are. Design with no borders.

vela spoak sign
Spoak Sign Vela themed color palette.

Photo Credit: (Left) Bells and Whistles via Design Milk

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Date Posted
March 21, 2023



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