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The 10 Best Under-Bed Storage Containers

Clean up your space and maximize your storage for out-of-season items with these ten under-bed storage container ideas. A tidy room is within reach. 

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We’re all familiar with the highly anticipated (or dreaded) concept of spring cleaning. But who says deep cleaning has to be saved exclusively for spring? If you missed the boat on tidying up last season, the good news is: organization and cleaning can be trending year round.

If you’re trying not to think about the jumble of stuff in your closet and under your bed because you need extra storage space for it, let’s rip the poor storage bandaid off together and get everything in its place with these ten clever under-bed storage ideas. 

Before you begin choosing the best options, consider your home and the things you want to store under your bed. Some questions you’ll need to ask yourself:

  • How much space do you have or need for under-bed storage?
  • What type of storage container is easiest for you to access?
  • What types of things will you be storing?
  • What materials will best keep them clean and tidy? 

You want streamlined, neat, easy-access storage containers. You should also choose materials that protect your items from the environment, pests, and dust. Look at these storage solutions that will meet your particular needs and work in your space. 

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1. Plastic Under-Bed Storage Box

If you know plastic storage boxes are the right type of container for your items, measure the distance from the bottom of your bed frame to the floor so you have it on hand when sourcing your boxes. Measure the distance between the legs of your bed at the head and at the foot as well to see how many side-by-side boxes you can fit beneath it. Taking measurements beforehand will guarantee that the under-bed storage boxes you get will actually fit and save you from a potential headache later.

Choose Clear Boxes for Easy Identification

Multiple storage boxes can make finding items tricky, so use clear plastic boxes that allow you to see what is inside without even having to pull your box out. To make it even easier to access your belongings, look for boxes with tiny plastic wheels that roll and hinged lids, so they don’t have to be all the way out from under the bed to open.

Plastic Boxes Can Be Eco-Friendly

If using plastic troubles you but also seems like the wisest way to protect your belongings, consider using polypropylene containers. Polypropylene is made from recycled plastics and is as handy for under-bed storage as any new plastic box. Knowing you’re not contributing to the creation of more plastics may be a selling point for you.

2. Metal-Framed Storage Bins

Using metal-framed under-bed storage bins makes sliding the bins in and out a smooth process. These bins fit on the metal tracks that support them as you pull them out. These plastic bins, or drawers, can also be found in polypropylene (that eco-friendly, recycled plastic option). 

Store Smaller Items You Reach for Most Often

With the metal frame taking up some of your storage space, these bins are best for those of us who don’t need to store a ton of things under the bed. Because these metal frames are a stacked, double-decker system, they’re sized perfectly for smaller items like belts, jewelry, or other accessories. You may want to reserve these for the items you tend to reach for more often. 

3. Zip It Up With Under-Bed Storage Bags

Though under-bed storage bags lack the flash of wheels or drawer tracks, they make up for it in versatility. There’s a size and style of under-bed storage bag for every item or occasion. 

Store Clothing in Moth-Proof Bags

Storage bags are the method of choice for out-of-season clothing. They often have a clear plastic top to make quickly finding that sweater you needed possible. If you’re storing clothing in bags under the bed, consider options that are made of tightly woven, moth-proof fabric. (No more mysterious holes in your favorite sweater!)

Choose Breathable Clothing Bags

Fabric bags allow your clothing to breathe rather than build up humidity and mold in humid climates. They’re perfect for storing leather accessories, shoes, clothing, or anything else you want to preserve. 

4. Save Space With Vacuum Storage Bags

For large fabric items, like fluffy down duvets or your winter comforter set, you may want to forego the fabric in order to save space with vacuum seal under-bed bags. 

There’s a Vacuum Bag for Every Scenario

You can use your vacuum to remove air from most bags, but many come with a portable pump. 

Even plastic bags with a heavy-duty zipper-lock seal can be filled, partially zipped, then rolled up tightly to remove excess air — no pump needed. Of course, the fact that these plastic bags are clear makes identifying your extra coats or linens easy. 

Vacuum bags allow you to suck the extra air from your items, reducing them to less than half of their normal size. Once filled and sealed, vacuum storage bags may even fit into a storage box to further protect them from punctures. 

5. Pop Open Foldable Fabric Storage Boxes

Get the lightweight, flexible storage container you need by choosing structured fabric under-bed boxes. Clothing storage is at its most useful in the form of foldable boxes. 

Find Your Things Easily

Since they’re not heavy plastic, these boxes are easy for most people to slide under the bed. They are somewhat structured and often come in classic neutral shades that work with most bedroom decor. Some even feature clear tops so you don’t have to remember where you stored things. 

Those that aren’t clear often have labels on the end to make identifying your belongings easier. Anyone who has ever had to rifle through every under-bed box to find their favorite sweater knows what an Olympic event that can be. 

Protect Your Clothing With Fabric Boxes 

Fabric rather than plastic makes these containers perfect for out-of-season clothing storage. They discourage moths with zippers that close them up tightly, but they’re also breathable. Look for breathable linen styles to keep mildew from forming in humid environments.

Stash Them When You Don’t Need Them

When not in use, collapsible fabric storage boxes can be folded down and tucked away for later use, saving you the headache of vacuuming around them. 

6. Get Organized With Under-Bed Shoe Storage

Finding a place to store shoes is a real dilemma for homeowners with small closets. Some zippered under-bed storage organizers are sized just right for your out-of-season shoes and come in neutral colors that will work with your bedroom design. 

Use Dividers To Separate Shoes

Your under-bed shoe storage organizer should feature convenient dividers you can reconfigure to fit pairs of shoes or the larger boots you’ll be stowing away. The lid protects your shoes from dirt and dust — no more dusting off your boots at the beginning of each winter.

Double Stack Them for More Storage

The lids are even sturdy enough that you could stack your under-bed storage organizers on top of each other— if your bed sits high enough off the ground. 

Showcase Your Footwear With Sliding Platforms

If most of your shoes are in heavy rotation, but you lack closet space for them, consider buying custom-made rolling shoe platforms that slide under the bed and can be retrieved with a handle. Platforms can range from coated wire to custom-built “shoe stages” in beautifully stained wood with a decorative handle to make choosing your shoes a heightened experience. 

7. Spruce Your Storage Up With Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are another breathable storage option that looks good from across the room. Long and flat like boxes, baskets are just as useful for storing things that don’t need to be completely sealed away.

Line Your Baskets To Protect Fabrics

Because baskets tend to have scratchy fibers, you’ll want to use a canvas lining in your basket (most come with a lining) to protect any fabrics you may store there from being snagged. The scratchiness of your baskets may vary, so you’ll also want to be sure the bottom of the basket won't scuff your flooring as you pull it in and out from under the bed.

Check if the Storage Is Moth-Proof

Most under-bed storage baskets have slots to use as handles and an airy weave that makes them best suited for things you don’t mind keeping a bit exposed. 

These aren’t the best containers for wool sweaters. However, they are perfect for just about everything else. You can even stash your extra quilts or throws for movie night on the sofa here and trust they will be safe. Moths don’t make great house guests; moth-proof your wardrobe to keep your items spick and span. 

Boost the Boho Vibe of Your Bedroom With Rattan

Choose a basket fiber that complements your bedroom decor or matches your boho rattan chair. Baskets range from very thick wicker to flat woven reed styles.

8. Try Under-Bed Storage Drawers

Under the bed storage solutions

If your platform bed has a drawer unit built-in to it, you may only need storage containers to further organize the chaos. 

Use Drawers on Casters

It’s possible to add caster wheels to a dresser drawer so it can roll under the bed, but if you’re not the woodworking sort, source ready-made under-bed drawers in a wide range of sizes and depths for your bed frame. Look for a wood tone or color that will harmonize with your bedroom rather than distract. 

Be Careful With Drawer Depth

If you have quite a bit to store in your drawers, purchase deeper under-bed drawers with larger, sturdy wheels for extra support. When choosing your drawer depth, consider how much space there is to roll the drawers out and peruse their contents. Extra deep drawers aren’t handy if you can’t roll them all the way out. 

9. Add Bed Risers for More Storage Options

Want storage drawers but have a bed that sits too low to accommodate them rolling underneath? Use four heavyweight plastic bed risers (or DIY your own with wood) to lift your bed to the correct height for under-bed drawers. 

10. Stash Your Valuables With an Under-Bed Safe

Under the bed may not seem like the most ingenious place to hide your valuables, but it is certainly handy. You might find a heavy-duty steel lock box that can be accessed easily is more convenient than trips to a storage unit. 

Even if theft isn’t your main concern, under-bed safes are fireproof, making them a good place to store family heirlooms, hard drives, and important papers. (No more losing your passport!) 

Out-of-Sight Solutions for Home Organizations

With all these under-bed storage solutions, you have probably already chosen the ones that work best for you. Source smart home storage in Spoak’s discovery feed so you can start your spring cleaning with gusto. 

Take your tidying up one step at a time and ease up on yourself. (If Marie Kondo can take her time, so can you!) Look at organizing your under-bed storage as the first in a list of many future organizational victories. Then, reward yourself with an iced coffee and a breakfast pastry afterward. 

Photo Credit: (Left) IKEA


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