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Wall Decor Ideas for Each Room in Your House

One of the best ways to change the feel of your home is with wall art. Check out these fresh wall decor ideas that bring new life to empty spaces.

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A tried and true way to change the feel of your home is by changing your wall decor. A little goes a long way, but don’t let that give you interior design paralysis. Switching up your wall decor at home is also a great way to satiate the impulse to move, remodel, cut your hair, etc.

We’ll tackle this room by room, reinvigorating traditional wall decor ideas with a modern design sense.

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An Eye-Catching Entryway

Let’s start with the first thing you see when you walk through your door. Is your entryway a gloomy, cramped nightmare of keys and mail? An appropriately-sized floating console table can give you a classic storage solution while providing a surface for vertical pieces, like a large mirror. 

Use a full-length mirror rather than the usual smaller size to add drama and height to the entryway. Mirrors by the door are also practical; it’s one last opportunity to fix your bedhead or remember to take the scrunchie off your wrist before heading to your friend’s wedding. 

If your entry or main hallway is large enough, you can create a large wall mural in a color palette that sets the tone for your home and draws the eye toward your living space. You can get as DIY as you want with this. Just remember to have fun with it!

A wall mural isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart, but if you make it a decal, it might give you the confidence you need to decorate that blank wall. No rule says it has to be a vibrant, mid-century stripe design. You can turn the trend on its ear by choosing an unexpected toile decal. Who knows where this adventurous design move will lead you. 

Modern Hallway Gallery Wall

Get used to the term gallery wall, if you haven’t already, because it’s going to be mentioned a lot. Arranging framed art or photographs on the wall is the easiest way to customize a through-space in the home.

Think of the hallway in your grandparents’ home and how it grew to accommodate all of the yearly studio portraits. It’s like that but better — with picture frames that actually coordinate (or frameless glass holders) and candid photos from your phone. Let your family and friends contribute pictures of their choice for an interactive, carefully-curated space. 

An eye-catching gallery wall designed in Spoak by Lindsay Jones.

Personalized Living Room Wall Decor

Next up is your living room, the absolute best place to indulge in wall decor. You will likely spend a lot of time sitting in here, so let’s see if we can make these walls personal and inspiring.

Go Big for Drama

Don’t be afraid of large-scale art for empty walls. While they can be more of an investment, big pieces add big drama without making the wall seem cluttered.

For those who may still feel a bit timid about bigger design changes, test the waters by enlarging one or two personal photos, possibly in a metallic finish that gives it a professional touch.

Of Course, the Gallery Wall

Here it is again … the gallery wall. Why not make yours as meaningful as the salon walls of old art galleries and museums? Besides incorporating portraits of people and favorite places from your everyday life, you can try your hand at blind contour drawings.

A collection of drawings or silhouettes based on your favorite photos is one-of-a-kind. Even better, have a party and let friends sit for these abbreviated portraits.

Arrangement Tips 

Ease yourself into art arrangement by choosing one or two large anchor pieces and building your collection around them. Use Spoak’s gallery wall planner tool to play with potential layouts, whether it be classic symmetry or intentionally off-kilter arrangements for impact. Start with pieces closer together, then slowly spread them further apart until the gallery placement is perfect.

The wall behind your sofa is the ultimate canvas for showing off your collections. Pro-tip: Rather than using matching frames, try mixing up frame types and letting size, color, or symmetry be the unifying factor. 

Hanging Collections 

Wall art has no rigid definition. Any object that can be hung will add depth and texture to the wall — paintings aren’t the only star of the show. 

For instance, baskets go beyond boho if you use unusual shapes, like vintage winnowing or tobacco baskets. Add some function to baskets by turning them into pots: Greenery in indoor spaces is proven to have mental and physical health benefits. It’s time to turn that blank space into a safe space. 

If you’re proud of your book collection, install bookcases that cover an entire wall (complete with a movable library ladder) for a strong design element and pops of color. A few floating bookshelves painted the same color as the wall may add less weight to the space but still balance out other pieces of art and furniture in the room.

Mix things up and create a gallery of mixed objects you love: paintings, small decorative wall shelves, pottery, plates, or other interesting finds from Spoak’s product discovery feed

Updated Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a perfect addition on either side of your book collection, encouraging reading while adding beautiful detail to your living room. You can choose sleek, no-frills modern sconces or try rewired antiques.

After years of modern home decor, the antique might actually feel cutting-edge. Plus, if you rely on battery-operated bulbs, you don’t even have to have them rewired. 

Dining Room Design Ideas

Creating zones at home and decorating accordingly will help delineate the different areas in your space.

The lines between your dining and living room can get blurred in an open floor plan. It may take some creativity to design a separate dining area that is a focal point. 

Stand-Alone Paint and Wallpaper

Painting or wallpapering an accent wall in the dining area that is a shade darker than the living room palette can connect the two spaces while setting them apart. Paint is an inexpensive and high-impact way to change the feel of a specific area in your home.

You can add more visual interest with printed wallpaper or add texture with grasscloth to your dining room walls. Walls need less extraneous decor with a print or texture on them. 

New Wall Panels for Classic Charm

Create old-school charm by adding board and batten trim or crown molding from a hardware store to bare walls. Once installed, these take little more than paint and a few sconces to be seriously intriguing. 

Add layers by topping your board and batten with a thin picture rail to hold unique framed pieces like old diagrams of a hobby, photos of your home, or maps from a road trip, complete with a dotted line marking your route. 

Vibrant Plate Collection

Hanging an arrangement of plates or a plate rack seems customary, but you can freshen up this design idea by hanging them in an amorphous pattern. They don’t have to be delicate floral china, either. Use bold shapes and vibrant color schemes to help your plate collection stand out.

Bedroom Wall Texture

The bedroom is synonymous with comfort, so it is a perfect place to introduce texture to your walls. You may not need a tapestry for insulation, but it can add an emotional layer of warmth to your room.

Wall Hangings a New Way

Hanging a tapestry or cherished handmade rug from a quilt hanger is a luxurious way to bring color and depth to your bedroom. Many of us have a treasured vintage rug or blanket that needs to be saved from dogs or kids. If you don’t want to invest in a large hanging, try a macrame design or make your own textile feature to show off at home. 

Architectural Salvage 

Architectural salvage from old buildings or furniture adds texture and rich wood tones to your space. Arches, shelves, and carved wall panels make beautiful headboards, while ceiling medallions and wall tableaus are art in their own right.

Wall Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

It doesn’t take much for a kitchen to look in disarray, so be choosy about the items you place on the wall. Try carrying your tile or marble backsplash further up the wall for a smooth, uncluttered look. 

You don’t have to choose between wall decor and storage space if you hang a pot rack on the wall and display your favorite copper-clad pots or vintage cast iron on it. Just hanging one or two rustic hand-forged iron hooks from the wall may have the same effect without taking up too much space. 

Speaking of storage, a handmade mid-century walnut coat rack can hold hanging baskets, keys, or hats by the back door. The rich finish of the wood and retro shaping make for art, whether it is in use or not. 

Lastly, try this novel art idea for the kitchen: hang a traditional antique framed oil portrait in a nook. It’s so out of the ordinary that it begs for a quiet pause in the day.

Ease Your Way Into Design

There you have it: enough revamped wall decor ideas to transform your house from the front door to the back. If you’re still hesitant, take a look at Spoak’s design courses and chat with other designers in the community for a shot of courage.

Photo Credit: (Left) Apartment Therapy


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Use Spoak’s room planner to decorate your walls and recast the atmosphere of your home, one room at a time.

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January 25, 2023



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