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Boho Bedroom Ideas That Are Timeless and Classic

Discover what bohemian style is and how to achieve it in your own boho bedroom decor. With a few helpful tips, you'll be on your way to capturing the boho room you've always dreamed of!

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Do you have a vague idea of how a boho-styled bedroom should feel but aren’t quite sure how to make it a reality? Take a page out of interior designer Justina Blakeney’s book and start by creating a colorful, pattern-filled bedroom that feels free and speaks to you! If you take a closer look at the roots of bohemian home decor, you will discover how to channel this free-spirited mindset into your bedroom today — even if you tend to like more traditional styles. Let's dive into how to design a bedroom that feels beautiful and bohemian!

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Like the wanderers of yore, you can pull from any interior design style you like to create your own boho-style bedroom.

What Is Bohemian Anyway?

We throw phrases like “boho vibe” and “bohemian style” around in design conversations, but do we know what they really mean?

The term “boho” refers to the original Bohemians, immigrants from the Czech Republic who made their way into post-revolutionary France (1789 to 1792). They moved through Europe, bringing a patchwork of art, music, and spirituality with them. They were changed by the places they meandered through, just as they left an impression on those places.

What Is Modern Boho?

Bohemian quickly became a romantic term for one who lives an unconventional lifestyle of blended artistic influences (we’ve all dreamed of it before). Bohemian culture has inspired art as well, like La Bohème, an 1896 four-part opera that, in turn, inspired Rent, the 1996 Broadway musical. 

Fast forward through the beat and hippie eras, and you have today’s boho design aesthetic. You don’t have to ascribe to this aesthetic to let it influence you; the point of the bohemian lifestyle is to do your own thing. 

Use Boho-Style Colors

If you ask anyone what trait they most associate with boho, it would probably be color — and lots of it! The boho look is closely associated with unconventional thinking and getting back to nature, so look to nature to guide you. Just remember, Mother Earth is both bold and subtle.

Use Lots of Warm Colors and Eclectic Patterns

What is your favorite natural color scheme? Nature can serve up some gorgeous magentas and bright turquoise. Sprinkle those blue-green accents throughout your room with a painted bentwood chair and turquoise embroidered throw pillows.

Think of ways to mix your prints with stripes in unexpected color combinations. To give your color the most punch possible, you’ll need some negative space where your eyes and mind can rest on neutrals or whites. 

Or Use a Subtle Earthy Palette

For the subtle side of nature, begin with a palette of off-white, earthy greens, and browns for your bedroom’s boho decor — especially if you lean toward a neutral palette.

Focusing on differences in texture throughout your space, along with natural materials, can give your neutral room a richly layered look that rivals a brightly colored one. To find the paint colors that exude the perfect amount of comfy, check out our color palette generator

Make Your Bed the Centerpiece of Your Bohemian Bedroom

Once you’ve explored the colors you most love for non-traditional bedroom decor, the easiest place to begin decorating the bedroom is with the bed. It is the scene-stealer of the room and can help you gain confidence in your boho design ideas.

No Bed Frame Is a Boho Bed Frame

Since bohemian decor tends to be a natural aesthetic, you can’t get more boho than a rustic wooden bed frame, that is, unless you toss the bed frame altogether and place your mattress and box spring directly on the floor. 

Choose other low-profile furnishings like a woven reed ottoman or a patchwork leather pouf as a bedside table. Pieced-together wool tapestry cushions strewn about the rug can take the place of chairs, and don’t forget the humble but ever-inviting bean bag chair of your youth.

Create an Artsy Headboard

Frame your bed by creating an accent wall that draws the eye and anchors your room. You can set a large bentwood bamboo frame behind the bed as your headboard. No need to get fussy with attaching it to a bed frame — this is a very casual style. A low-profile bed will not require as much height in a headboard, giving you even more untraditional options.

Now that's what we call a statement piece headboard! Designed in Spoak by Shelby Anderson

Use a Gallery Wall

Set a picture ledge over the bed and keep your art ever-changing. If you’re feeling uncertain about too much mixed media, stick to only black and white prints. Monochromatic gallery walls will beautifully offset the natural fibers and bright green of your plants. If you’re brave, pull in all the art styles: cross-stitched portraits, a faded vintage canvas, and a drawing from a friend to keep it unpredictable. 

Use a Macrame Wall Hanging

Why bother with a headboard when you aren’t bothering with a bed frame? You can explore the boho vibe with all sorts of wall decor materials in lieu of a traditional headboard like a macrame wall hanging.

Handmade macrame wall art might include feathery strands of yarn, tassels, and string hanging like a fringed bib necklace from driftwood adorning the wall above the bed. Or maybe it’s intricate macrame weavings of various materials. 

Display Boho Bedding

If you’re into maximum color impact, let your duvet be the tapestry of your room. Your bed linens are the place to indulge, like bohemians before you, in the mixed influences of your life. 

Bright Bed Linens

Think of a large hand-printed batik in rust and gold. Batik printing styles can vary from two-colored to multi-hued fabrics.

Subtly Layer Textures

For the softer boho look, layer textiles of natural fibers like washed linen in a granite pink that you’ve loved for ages with the patterned white chenille heirloom spread. Keeping things primarily white gives your eye plenty of negative space to rest and then allows one big pop of color with a vibrant mud cloth folded at the end of the bed. 

Use Found Objects for Art 

Found art that is picked up in local shops or on trips abroad is a way to tell a story while ornamenting your room. Arrange a collection of gathering baskets in bright dyed hues to form an irregular shape.

If you don’t want to stray too far from your subtle color scheme, mix wicker with seagrass and cane to give your bedroom some depth without too much color variance. Whatever you do, embrace asymmetry!

Create a minimalist yet natural take on wall art by hanging a mat made of palm leaves fringed at the bottom or layer strips of recycled leather on a simple wooden frame for a texture that is toned down to a single natural fiber on your white walls. 

Favor Bedroom Decor in Natural Materials

When it comes to room decor, stick to rustic wood finishes and natural materials. The key is for your room to evoke layers of texture and history. 

Boho Chic Furniture

If there are any things to avoid (and remember the rules are there are no rules!), steer clear of rigid symmetry and anything too dressed up for your chic bedroom furniture. Indulge in those incredible teak chairs and ottoman with the woven cord seat, but don’t feel like the rest of the room has to be matchy-matchy.

Use a painted bamboo nightstand, a rattan vanity, and a patchwork leather pouf to flesh out your space. Be as unconventional as you desire; even a room with spare decor can have a quiet sense of variety.

Natural Textiles

Place an area rug like a woven circular jute rug or a large coir covering beneath the bed for a natural texture that works well with your devil-may-care decor style. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to bring in a fringed Moroccan rug from your travels. Showcase your wool and cotton throws on a rustic blanket ladder. Even better: Make it a DIY ladder of branches for an artsy vibe.

Add Whimsical Decor Ideas

The free-spirited nature of the bohemian can best be seen in the fun little finishing touches you add to your boho room. 

Have Fun With Your Light Fixtures

Create multiple light sources that inspire by hanging a fun chandelier covered in seashells or a trio of woven bamboo pendants over the bed for drama. Casually drape fairy lights over your canopy for more evening ambiance. String lights are also a must-have for any boho-inclined reading nook — instant focal point achieved! 

Bring Your Bedroom to Life With Greenery

Plants are an obvious choice for a boho design aesthetic. Layer a large fiddle-leaf fig with hanging plants in a jute macrame hanger. For less fuss, fill earthenware vases with feathery pink pampas grass that looks striking next to an eggplant textured wool throw.

Find Your Bohemian Style

Boho is the perfect opportunity to indulge your casual and impulsive side, but you don’t have to totally let go of your minimalist personality to lean into it. Be a true bohemian and throw out the rule book to embrace this freewheeling style to any degree you like. 

Photo Credit: TF Diaries


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April 13, 2023



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