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How I Created 3 Room Designs for My Favorite TV Characters

Do you find yourself fantasizing about your favorite TV character's room designs? Learn how to recreate those dream spaces with the help of Spoak.

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A facet of designing in Spoak that I most enjoy is the encouragement for everyday playtime! Since using the platform, I’ve started thinking of sets I see on the screen as a Vizi, and I have been using characters I love to inspire my creativity on Spoak.

Do you ever get obsessed with a character from a movie or television series? Then, you suddenly catch yourself daydreaming about how they live their fictional life outside your screen. Where do they live now? How do they dress? Which experiences do they prioritize? Do they want your help setting up their space? I have a hunch I’m among others here who share my inclination to fantasize about the fictional (exhibit A: Blobert).

I see interior design and set design as different trades. Still, their Venn Diagram has some things in common, and talking to clients through the design lens of an established character can help you pinpoint items of interest for a space. In shows and movies, the environment a character is placed in can serve as a non-verbal way to communicate to an audience—it can quickly let the viewer in on what the character’s ‘whole deal’ is about. As one dives into what draws them to a character, they can start identifying aspects of their style preferences.

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Is it a Vizi or is it a set?

I had this aha ‘Vizi-as-sets’ moment while watching Saturday Night Live. Take, for example, this Airbnb commercial parody sketch in which Chloe Fineman plays herself and an Airbnb guest, Ooli, who has overstayed her welcome. This was during the SNL At Home part of season 45, and I believe it was shot in Chloe’s actual home. While you never see Ooli’s space, I can already picture a glorious kaleidoscopic maximalist dwelling that would bring a huge smile to my inner child. Ooli came back for season 46 with her talk show to my delight. Check out the brightly colored Lisa Frank-inspired set! It was everything I could hope for and more!

While I haven’t ventured into writing my fan fiction just yet, I have been tiptoeing around the realm by creating vibe boards, collages, and rooms to encapsulate what I envision for some of my most beloved mythical friends. So, without further ado, I present a showcase of my favorites to date.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Titus Andromedon’s ‘Keep The Mystery Alive’ Bathroom

I’ve watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt so many times I’ve lost count. One of my favorite characters is Titus Andromedon. In episode 10 from season 3, “Kimmy Pulls Off A Heist,” Kimmy and Titus attempt to gain unlimited access to a bodega bathroom without purchasing anything. I won’t share more just in case you haven’t seen it! Needless to say, the bathroom is a very important space to Titus. Today, I picture Titus living in luxury in an ultra-modern Manhattan space with multiple bathrooms. Most of those powder rooms are for ‘pep talks before trying on jeans’ and his guests to freshen up. His bathroom is obstructed from view and only accessible via eye scan. Hidden behind a decoy bookshelf, Titus enters his immaculate lavatory, where he can unwind as needed in complete privacy. The soundproof escape features skylights and lighting fixtures that naturally adjust to provide the most optimally flattering setting depending on the time of day. There is an expansive closet where backup outfits are ready to go should they be needed. Mirrors have been strategically placed to elongate and flatter; naturally, the acoustics are incredible. Kimmy knows how to access it but thinks it feels too much like a bunker, so she doesn’t dare enter.

New Girl

Schmidt’s ‘Me Time’ Meditation Room

Spoiler! At the end of New Girl, Schmidt is married to his true love Cece, and this former workaholic is now a stay-at-home dad. Staying true to Schmidt’s form, I picture him starting each morning bright and early in a zen space he designed himself. Each item has been meticulously studied over, selected, and placed to achieve the optimal balance between function and ambiance. The temperature-controlled room provides a cooling mist upon entrance. An artisanal hook for Schmidt’s silk robe is easily accessible. The space has bamboo flooring, mood-enhancing aromatherapy via candlelight, and a hanging eucalyptus plant.

Great News

Katie’s ‘All Grown Up’ Bedroom Makeover

Sometimes a show is canceled before you’ve had enough time with the characters—such is the case for me with Great News. Without giving away too much, the lead character Katie Wendelson used to live in NYC but moved back home with her parents. Her helicopter-parenting, Chicos-obsessed mom, Carol, is delighted to have Katie at home and even follows her daughter’s career path by landing a role at the local news station where Katie works. Throughout the two wonderful seasons, Katie is adamant that the move back home is temporary. Still, I feel Carol would do everything in her power to keep Katie at home, including a bedroom makeover to make Katie’s space feel more adult. The somewhat collaborative experience would primarily surface items from Carol’s POV on how she sees her daughter and Carol’s affinity for bold accessories. I picture an accent wall with printed wallpaper, NYC-inspired accents, sophisticated lacquered pieces, one bedside table with items for Katie, and another for Carol just in case they have a mother-daughter slumber party.

I clearly love comedy series, but your fan fiction Vizis can pull from anything that appeals to you! Visualize a setting described in your next summer beach read. Conceptualize the space your favorite song brings to mind. The possibilities are endless!

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Credit: Anna Mejorada.

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June 17, 2022



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